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    Pains me to agree with you, they have ditched the possession game they had last season & beginning of this as they got easily robbed & punished. They are far more direct & move the ball forward quickly now but are seriousl;y lacking any Prem. quality up front. Can see them grinding out draws but...
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    Tony Craig

    Tony Craig standing firm & winning the ball when outnumbered 5 : 1 will live long in the memory.
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    Saïd Benrahma

    Moyes has never liked flair players, just workers who have a job to do, I watched the whole game & it was as though Benrahma was told to forget all the clever stuff & just make yourself available, every time he got the ball I thought "here we go" but all he did was make a sideways pass, It was...
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    Mark Warburton

    Bit harsh on Barbet, we didn't want him & the guy has a living to make, if they offer the best deal he has to take it, not as though he forced the move.
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    Mark Warburton

    He must write his after match analysis at the start of the season !!!! after every match he trawls out the same old crap, "they worked hard, didn't get the breaks, feels sorry for the players & fans, his goalkeeper had nothing to do blah, blah, blah. he's added these this season to " we'll learn...
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    Final Score Forest 1 - 3 Bees (Dalsgaard, DaSilva, Toney)

    Sorry don't want to take gloss of a win but Sorenson worries me, he allows forwards to get the wrong side of him & he isn't the quickest, accept he's young but does lack confidence coming forward & invariably turns back to Raya. I understand rotation but worry that on tuesday we need Pontus back...
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Didn't mean to compare the sides just the style of football.
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    QPR are exactly where we were under Warburton, pleasing on the eye, incisive going forward but always likely to concede. After all these years he hasn't changed 1 thing from his philosophy, which given his lack of success at any of the clubs he's been at since smacks of either arrogance or lack...
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    Match Latest Stoke 3 - 2 Brentford (Forss(2))

    Might be set up to cope with the physicality of McLean, Jenson, i fear would have got bullied so maybe Goode is there to stiffen things up.
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    Stoke City beam back to Lionel Road

    How can the club "rip you off" if you have the choice to go or not. I reckon a burger, 2 beers, a pie & watch the game without paying a tenner at home means you get to see the new ground & all it offers for approx. £7.50 But the best bit is that it's your choice if you go. So ripping you off...
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    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    Nice layout, 1 question, where will I find thread for Planet Cast ?
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Look at the difference between Watkins & Martin, one works his socks off for the team & the other just does his bit when the opportunity arises, The latter is "stealing" a living in my book by letting his team-mates do all the work.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Do you think so? he just seems to wander around with no great enthusiasm or goes down trying to win a free kick. Leeds last season with a more mobile front man would have had the league sewn up well before lockdown.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Another example of a player stealing a living letting everybody else do the running for him, him & Bamford are the last of the old school forwards. No place in modern football but Bristol City clearly have no idea how to move forward if you look at some of their other signings for this season.
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    Flat Beer Moment v Fulham

    Any team that set up to press us high up the pitch or overload the midfield will stop us playing out from the back & result in us hitting long balls, You're right, it is obvious from very early on how we are going to perform.
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