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    Tickets Manchester United (H) SOLD OUT

    Got a spare ticket in Premium for tonight. private message me before 4.15 to arrange meet if anyone interested - will need to prove yourself on GPG.
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    Man Utd (H) - Wed 19 Jan 20:00

    Got a spare ticket in Premium for tonight if anyone interested, need a private message by 4.15 latest to arrange meet.
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    There lies the problem, someone posted earlier Raya conceded 9 in 9 but Alvarez is something like 27 in 15, not saying for a minute it's all down to bad goalkeeping but how many of those were poor defending. If you don't get a call from behind you, a lapse of concentration or a second of...
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Someone needs to tell Fernandez he can come off his goal line, the 6yd box is his. All 3 defenders are looking around & haven't a clue if he's coming out or not. Every team know now just put it in the box & we will gift them a chance. Got to get Raya back or play Lossl. Defensive confidence...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    Isolated case & should be pointed out that after reporting the issue to the Premium office that no stewards are in the lounges at half time & only staff present are catering who have no affiliation with the club, a reply was received within an hour & action taken i.e The lounges are now managed...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    Spot on, The pre-match schedule for say a 2.00pm kick off in the Premium lounges gives you discounted drink prices from 11.30 until an hour before kick off, so the lads on a jolly have met up in a pub locally, moved on to the ground for an hour & half cheap drinks then as they get a bit gobby we...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    I'm in Premium & it is a problem, but one that I think you have to accept. Any away supporter who doesn't want to sit with the neanderthals in the away end has no alternative than Premium, however you would expect that anyone paying £125.00 a ticket would either be of an older,more sensible or...
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    Live FA Cup TV Coverage in Australia

    ESPN+ are showing all FA CUP Games - Channel 25 is Port Vale v Brentford
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    FA Cup R3 (Port Vale (A)) - Sat 8th Jan 3pm (Extra Time Then Pens)

    For those lucky enough to be abroad or able to access overseas channels (if you know what I mean) It is listed on ESPN+ Channel 25
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    Brentford vs Aston Villa Champagne Moments

    The authorites have the power to give retrospective bans, they should use him as an example to stop players feigning injury to win fouls, penalties & get oppo players booked, disgusting tactic that is even worse in Prem.
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    Chris Sutton Daily Mail

    Lawrenson has contradicted himself by stating on the BBC website that he always thought we would win enough games to stay up & he was impressed with our performance on Sunday. If he was impressed with us on sunday I'm surprised he didn't tip us for Champions League earlier in season. - Back to...
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    Ticket Exchange Everton (H) Spares/Wants

    Wind yer neck in pal, how am i getting a 2nd ticket, my mate expected to wait till his Tap points allowed him to book, I wanted to swap my seat to sit with him by ordering at the same time. So explain where the advantage comes from, too many people on here jump to conclusions without...
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    Ticket Exchange Everton (H) Spares/Wants

    You are correct in that, I am in premium & enquired if I could buy a ticket for a friend under my name & act as guarantor anywhere in the ground who can prove membership but has less than 500 Tap points due to living away & only visiting when down to see family. I was told that as I was a...
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    Thank-you & I apologise for my curt reply, But those samosa's make you go to desperate lengths !!
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    What a surprise to get that type of answer from you. !! I agreed with your point but you have to come back with a put down. You really are one aren't you.
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