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    BFC Academy Closing

    Was scared about EPPP when it came in. More ****ing favours going to the rich elite. Makes me sick. When I first saw the rumours I hoped we might still keep a very basic Academy just so local kids can have the dream of playing for THEIR team. I totally understand that pumping funds in won't...
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    Smiley Issue

    Oh. I thought this was about that London Reggae singer who sadly died in tragic circumstances. Duh.
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    James Tarkowski (Burnley)

    Someone tipped me off that Tarkowski had, "an embarrassing time" at the trophy parade so I just thought someone had got confused and tried lifting him aloft by his ears*. Just missing out on a medal isn't that bad after all. * apologies to anyone offended by my juggearism** ** unless your...
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    James Tarkowski (Burnley)

    Well played to whoever had to sort out the medals :) One job... and you completed it to perfection :sorted:
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    Walsall, Millwall, Bradford or Barnsley??

    Phew... I had a bet with myself that Hill would be mentioned on Page One of this thread. Cheers Scruff ;)
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    Gianno Vio (Coach) & Matt Springham (Conditioning Coach) Leave Brentford FC

    Can't believe the nobhead Guardian blogger hasn't picked up on the fact we've sacked the free-kick coach we brought in after sacking the manager who was brilliant but couldn't work with the free-kick coach we wanted to bring in. From AC Milan. Who we've sacked. Hmm, maybe that's why we didn't...
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    Mark Warburton (QPR)

    The blogger/journo Daniel Taylor I mean.
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    Mark Warburton (QPR)

    He's the end of a ringy-ding-dong thing.
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    Neon Cup

    Yep, all kinds of smilies but I pref r to leave them off tbh.
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    Neon Cup

    Neon Cup? Why the **** have we got any age group participating in a Nintendo Super Mario Kart competition? They should be just playing football. And running up and down hills in Richmond Park. I hate all this modern b***ocks and wish we'd still be old school...
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    Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    This thread could be have a million posts and the majority of players coming in probably won't have been mentioned!
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    Josh McEachran - Leaves Brentford

    Bizarre story! Sounds, in truth, like it's been written by his agent so I wouldn't be surprised if Josh isn't overly happy with how his move has turned out. Or, the journo misunderstood when hearing something about either Swift returning to "The Blues" (erm, from his loan) or Rangers wanting...
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    BFC Headphones for The Community Sports Trust- #wearyoursupport

    I had a premature moan (not the first time fnarr fnarr) when I saw the hashtag without realising what it was all about. The videos I've since watched (other than the Harlee/Sam outtakes one) are very inspiring and yes, another reason to be proud of the club. Particularly the Community Team who...
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    QPR Finances

    I hope they don't :). Redknapp a massive part of this obviously. So pleased his only employment for us has ever been as a fading player, a fading after dinner speaker... and NEVER a manager. Did enjoy that post on social media of him (supposedly quoted as) saying, "I tried to buy Leicester...
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    Bees v Huddersfield Predictions.

    Something like this. High scoring away win. They can jump a few positions if results go their way and as bonus payments seem to be a big factor in our pay structure I think both teams will actually go for it. *so basically put your house on a 0-0 as I have the prediction ability of Michael Fish.
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