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  • Hi Adam,
    I am that 'awful commentator' from Saturday's match!
    Thanks for listening in, but sorry if my excitement made it difficult for you to understand me!
    I do my best, as a volunteer, and, yes, sometimes the enthusiasm and passion runs away with me. Saturday's game was such an evenful and exciting match, that , maybe, I went a bit far for some. However, some listeners( and particularly the blind folk at the ground) like my passionate style. I have been commentating for around 25 years and it is the first time anyone has said I was awful, so I apoplogise if my standards slipped. I hope it did not impair your enjoyment too much, as we greatly appreciate you and all those who listen in. I am happy to take constructive criticism, though, as I want to give you guys as enjoyable a listening experience as possible.
    Up the Bees!.
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