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    Rumour Anel Ahmedhodžić (Malmo CB)

    None the wiser if we are in for this fella or not, but as a full international who has been playing champions league football this season, I would imagine he would very much be one for the here and now. Much rather we’re in for this kind of signing than wasting our money on loans for players...
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    FC Midtjylland

    It's Celtic/FCM v Galatasaray/PSV Rangers v Malmo/HJK
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    Champions League and UEFA Cup Finals

    I think by 'state-endorsed', he's referring to the authorities attitude towards the mistreatment of Armenians. Case and point being their response to the extradition of this bloke:
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    Football League Restructure Plan....... Again

    These sort of discussions rarely, if ever, result in a beneficial outcome for non Premier League teams. For me the hoarding of youngsters by Premier League teams is the biggest issue. If the Premier League and FA were truly concerned about the development of English players they would be...
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    Bees v Middlesbrough -The biggest games in all our lifetimes.

    Don't suppose anyone knows of somewhere in Nyuangshwe, Myanmar that might be showing it tonight? 1.15am local time so I'm not hopeful.
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    FT - Sheff Wed 1 Bees 0

    If you're using Google Chrome, if you search 'Hola Better Internet' it's Chrome extension allows you to change which country the site thinks you're in so can set it to UK and listen.
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    Footballer injured and out in Holland partying, this last weekend

    Weren't Newcastle in Amsterdam this week for their Xmas party as well?
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    Adam Forshaw (Leeds United)

    What with this deal and the Delort deal for a sizeable fee (Jackett claimed Wolves had substantial offer rejected) Rosler has only increased the expectation on his part and I honestly think it will come back to haunt him. They were favourites for the league before they parted with this kind of...
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    Clayton Donaldson - Signs to June 2014 - Leaves for Birmingham City

    Maybe looking at this through Brentford coloured spectacles but ignoring the money aspect, I think it's a poor decision from Clayton football wise. Clark is a muppet and I'd be surprised if he makes it past Christmas in that job.
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    Transfer Activity Season 2014 / 2015

    I can understand the feeling of AK being underwhelming, but to say you'd rather Brett Williams a 26 year old that has never played above League 2 level (where he had a goal scoring record of 5 in 29) is absolute madness!
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    The FA and Football League - Proposals include changes to Divisions

    Premier League teams always give money out when it involves a scheme that futher solidifies their place at the top, exactly what this will do. It's a joke, the premier league can't produce top English players so we'll overhaul the football league. Here's an idea: Why don't they not only limit...
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    Bees v Creepy Crawlies...updates...

    One nil Sheffielddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Darren Ferguson - The reason he lost his job thread

    Newell kicked out at someone. Not very hard, but gave the ref no option.
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