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    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2023

    I listened to a pod cast with Ruud Gullit once who said the late great Johan Cruyff coached him to do exactly this and converted him from a defender to an attacker at the same time; when others run towards the ball go the other way / stand still away form the pack and let the ball come to you...
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    agreed, I was just being facetious....!
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    agreed, maybe thats what the medical was in France so we aren't paying for their flights this time round :):cool::p
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    Heard the Paris Medical ‘rumour’ also. Hopefully it’s a done deal and we get him over the line this time.
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    Testing Smileys

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    Testing Smileys

    Does :imwith: work?
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    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    I think its perfectly acceptable that when fouled he makes it known, we can't afford to be too soft centred and play 'fairly' when too often the opposition 'get away with it'. There are enough cameras in modern football that if its not a foul he'll be found out and get a reputation but I agree...
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    The Club Shop

    yes, no doubt it will be half way through the season before the Junior B2B's can don their new kits...
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    Robin Hack (Nuremburg Winger)

    maybe we are waiting for other pieces to fall into place then? i.e. outgoings
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    The Club Shop

    When I placed my order there was no sign of any points. Had I known they were disappearing I’d have bought stuff earlier and used them up also
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    The Club Shop

    just spent £258 online...lets see how long it takes to ship to Sydney!
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    9 Consecutive Games Live on TV for Brentford. Is This a Record?

    Happy junior B2B's in Sydney with this news; another live game for them to tell their friends to watch #bigclub
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    Former academy players (2013-2016)

    They would likely have been taken off our hands for the 'paltry sum' of £55,000 and we would not have been anywhere near having blooded as may as we have with the 'B' team model in my opinion.
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    Bright Osayi-Samuel (QPR)

    is this the 'new' level we operate at? Its mental to think how far we have come in such a short period of time...!
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    Overseas Bees: Where will you be watching the Play-Off Final?

    4.45am, at home in Sydney’s North Shore, with the two B2B juniors (who are on a promise that they can skip school if we go up!) and Mrs B2B. Hoping to avoid the police arriving like the last time we played them a few backs, but no promises made...
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