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  • Hey Rich, haven't heard of you for ages. I see you haven't even visited the site in a while. Have been meaning to get in touch for weeks now. I hope you are ok, and family too. Probably just pissed off with the GPG and individuals on it. Hope that's all it is, anyway. All a bit depressing at GP at the mo. Here's hoping that things will pick up pdq with the return of key players from injury. Also hoping that Thomas is the man, and not just another Maurinus. Really don't know what to think at the moment. Anyway, most important thing is that you and your family are ok. Take care, and come back soon. Your wit and wisdom are sorely missed.

    Hello mate . Do you know yet if and how you are going to the villa . Will you be joining us on the minibus . Trying to work out numbers
    yup, there are some fantastic clips from the Griffin posted by quirky07 i think?
    I love the one with AS starting the singing!
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