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    What is our best result ever?

    October 2019: Brentford 3 Millwall 2. Two-nil down at 84 minutes, calls for Frank to be ‘sacked in the morning ‘ from the Ealing Road. Ten minutes later he was a hero and has never looked back since. Although we didn’t think it at the time, a big turning point IMHO
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    Matt Heywood

    He used to be sh*te, now he’s alright, walking in a Heywood Wonderland…
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    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    Lots of swearing on there and general denial. In comparison the GPG posters are wise and posts very readable.
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    Lionel Road North Car Break In Again

    The stewards there are trying to ensure pedestrian safety on a dangerous crossing. Why should the club pay to protect parked cars on a public road?
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    Villa (A) Preview + Predictions

    Villa 1 Brentford 0
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    Public Transport or Car

    About 30 minutes for me, less if there is an E3 around.
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    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    Yes for food, not sure for turnstiles
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    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    Will be there, 7 pm start. Kiosks are apparently cash only.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    Kiosks not bad for the first time they ever opened. Two Prides provided quickly with 2-3 minutes waiting. Luxury compared to Griffin Park.
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    My Dad.

    May he rest in peace
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    Parking ST for BCS - Lionel Primary School

    There are some competitive prices on ‘Your Parking Space’ app, but you have to walk much further, and prices will change as the season nears.
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    Southend United in financial difficulties

    Definitely up for that one
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    Information on Refunds for Season Ticket Holders

    Only 19 games though, instead of 23….
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