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  • Morning Bro’
    I am becoming seriously concerned that if we can sort out the ‘bus parking brigade’ we might actually do this.
    A draw and defeat for WBA is all it’s going to take.
    Then we’ll really find out what we’re made of
    Hi Stuart, thanks about the username!Congrats to the bees for getting promotion - have been talking about whether you'll keep Hamer and Bennett next season. I'm hopeful for Sunday, then it'll be the Reading - Brentford friendly if we're not in the playofffs. Hope you're well and the flight wasn't too bad
    Hello Stuart, just thoiught i'd let you know I've joined up to add my perspective on the Brentford world!
    Hello papa. You have no private life now. Did i do an ok thing by putting that about nan?? I said her wake was going to be at Brentford in one of the replies as well.

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