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    2021 Ryder Cup

    no you are correct. but 12-17 year old golfers wont be ready in 2 or 4 years or probably 6 years. and several of the current American squad will be reaching their peak in 4 to 6 years. omens not good. and we have to find at least 6 new star players to start to compete again.
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    2021 Ryder Cup

    I too believe that the USA will be hard to beat for next ten years at least. I just don't see many (if any) potential world-class players emerging in Europe. Fitzpatrick is a decent player but wouldn't get a sniff at the usa team if he was American. The highly competitive American collegiate...
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    Aaron Pressley (Brentford B) (On Loan to AFC Wimbledon)

    he played quite well against The Arse before Smith-Rowe and Saka came on and moved the Arse up a few notches with their skill and especially speed.
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    BBC Unsung hero award

    he wasn't paid for 30 years - even bought much of the equipment. and records!
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    no commentary in darkest Hampshire :-(
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    where is the Full Pass page please ?
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    BBC Unsung hero award

    There is a call of nominations for the BBC 'Unsung Hero' award as part of their high profile Sports Personality of the Year show. Details on BBC football website. How about us on GPG lobbying for Peter Gilham? Been with us through all four divisions , all the highs and many lows, and with...
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    Team vs Oldham

    is Goode still ill ? (poor sod)
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    Kent CCC

    also a sussex fan. we didn't turn-up and rather remind me of the bees in our barren years. perhaps matthew benham fancies turning round a county cricket club. being in brighton it would rub mr bloom's nose in it 😉
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    Shandon Baptiste

    i thought (wrongly?) that fosu played a couple of games behind the strikers. is baptiste another jewel?
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    Shandon Baptiste

    he'll learn. is he an upgrade on Fosu and Ghodos as (sort of) playmaker? Listening on audio or brief tv highlights it is hard to appreciate his runs or off ball play.
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    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    all coming together. there will be far more ups than downs me thinks!
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    General Cricket Thread

    We live half the year in South Africa. Unfortunately many, possibly the majority, of Afrikaans' whites are racist against the black population but tolerate (and admire the work ethic) of the cape coloureds.
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    AFC Wimbledon

    Cherry Red a brilliant indie label. Good people. Really cared about their bands and acts. Certainly in my music industry days way way back in the 1990s
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    Managerial Moves 2021/22

    Shame about Hughton. Good coach and genuine guy.
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