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    Notts County Match Reports

    At the risk of wrath of the Editors on feel free to delete etc....but a few thoughts and more importantly some photos from the game. I was photographing the game so got a somewhat different perspective...
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    Not A Happy Day in the Fa cup. Photos and thoughts

    A decent game to photograph but an abysmal game to watch. Brentford 0 Notts County 1. FA cup 3rd round
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    Rant about the poor nonsense yesterday versus Barnsley
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    Thoughts on the Millwall game
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    Jota related thoughts.
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    Derek Pain (my grandad) RIP

    A lovely obituary. RIP. Thanks for sharing
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    Team for Forest

    totally agree
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    Bees v Forest predictions

    1-1 draw.Bees score first
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    Philipp Hofmann - Joined SpVgg Greuther Fürth in June 2018

    Sadly for me he will never make it at Bees. For whatever reason he is now behind Shaibu and from what I have seen, this is fair enough. He needs to get out and play football. Crazy to waste a career, like Bonham, doing zero. Go to any league, league 1-2 and get used to scoring goals.
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    Ipswich Away Reports and Reactions

    I think MM is the answer. Ipswich used to be a great team. Football. Graft . Fair. All that seems to have vanished. Sad to see,
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    I was fortunate enough to photograph the game yesterday. Ipswich are a decent club and deserve better football than what they currently get from MM. A few thoughts and photos on the first link and just photos on the second. all in all good Bees performance...
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    Am attaching a couple of links if the moderators are ok with this to my blog and my photography site. Photos of the Rotherham game and that Jota penalty! Enjoy
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    Jota photos
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