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    Media coverage of The Big Match

    Didn't Sunderland wear red and white shirts and black shorts playing an all-white Leeds in the FA Cup Final in 1973. It worked for them!
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    Is the Play Off System fair?

    No penalty shoot outs. If all square after extra time, the team that finished higher in the league goes through. Nothing worse than losing on penalties, especially to a team that finished 10 points behind. That really is unfair. Bad for my heart as well, although I think we have a good record.
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    Bees 1 - 1 Forest (Toney (p))

    This walking football and passing it endlessly around at the back from first minute till last is doing my head in. There was a time when I thought it was to conserve energy with the two matches a week fixtures. Every team we play seem to run and react so much faster. But I’m tactically...
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    Bees v Blackburn Updates

    Sergi was putting up two fingers to the ref (in a respectful way!) to suggest a second yellow card at least.
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    Is 'The Brentford Community Stadium' the permanent name for our new stadium?

    As soon as the seats went in I’ve called it Legoland Road. Brentford Community Stadium will do for me as its official name although “going down to Brentford” is what I’ll continue to say to the missus when off to a match.
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    Potential problems driving to the new Stadium

    a) I’m convinced the South Ealing Road works will never end. It’s like painting the Forth Road Bridge - once they’re finished they start again. It’s part of some job retention scheme. b) I live in one of those LTNs and it’s caused no end of trouble with neighbours falling out over whether they...
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    Diego Maradona

    I was fortunate enough to go to Mexico for the 1986 World Cup and watched Argentina play Belgium in the semi-final and then West Germany in the final, an unforgettable experience in the Azteca. I was at the other end when Maradona scored against Belgium and couldn’t understand how he had managed...
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    Never use the ‘pay with this card’ option. It will automatically take your money unless you have already entered your code. I was caught out for the Preston game.
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    I think most of us would have been a lot more calmer about this if (a) it was virtually any other club than West Ham, and (b) if this had all happened a few weeks and not a few hours ago. You can’t help but feel we’ve been played, whatever the advantages to the club are of this last-minute new...
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    iFollow and Coventry (H)

    Yep, for the Preston game I pressed the ‘use saved card’ as well before getting to the bit about entering the code and it immediately said thanks very much and the money was gone. No opportunity given to check details before buying. No ticking a T&C box, which I would have thought should be a...
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    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Well said, totally agree.
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    I took this photo a month ago when on a bike ride down Lionel Road S. A service gate was open under the west stand, so looking towards the east stand. The grass was green. Very green.
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    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    An adult Leeds Utd away season ticket would have set you back £800 this season
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    Brentford 3-2 Millwall: Match Reports

    Bob the kitman gave a couple of excited lads in New Road two of the unused match balls. Classy.
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    Bolton away - 1-0 VICTORY is OURS!!!

    Bolton Blunderers?
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