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    Klopp and Brentford

    Just watched Jurgen Klopp's pre Midtjylland press briefing, and was interested to note that he said before joining Liverpool 5 years ago, both FC Mid/Bees had shown an interest in appointing him and was invited to "have a look" at what (we) and FC Mid were "doing"( in Klopp's words) but opted...
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    Charlie Goode - Signs to June 2024 (plus 1 Yr Option)

    Makes me laugh. Now even Scousers want our players :wave: taken from a Liverpool FC forum for van Dijk's replacement/cover. New centre back – Yesterday,10:10
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    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    Ahh, I see Ronald's back from the dead :idea:
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    Roy Woolsey RIP

    Thank you Rodders for those photos. Roy will forever Bee in our hearts. Mark.
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    Roy Woolsey RIP

    wow, that was so kind. Thank you!
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    Roy Woolsey RIP

    Oh no! I've only just literally come across this post only now. This is deeply sad and upsetting for me. I knew Roy from the early nineties. I would usually only see him at away games, hardly ever at GP. Think he lived somewhere in south London - Stockwell or Brixton. We always had a laugh...
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    Final Score WBA 2 Brentford 2 Marcondes, Forss (p) Bees win 5-4 on penalties

    I remember that night. Bees fans giving John Robertson lots of stick, calling him fatty fatty that ginger haired Scotttish fella Ian Wallace scoring at least one, maybe both. Plenty of Bees as you say.
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