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    Ivan Toney

    Plus all the international breaks that he doesn’t play in (at the moment anyway) so I don’t think fatigue will be an issue for him.
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    Chants for Marcus, Ivan and others

    How did you possibly come up with that third line?
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    Ivan Toney

    Dont forget we have a lot less games this year, with a full week between each game there’s much more chance of him being able to play every game without as much risk of burn out.
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    Drinking alcohol in your seat could be re-instated in football grounds( L2 and National League only) ?

    I imagine I’d have finished my beer well before the 88th minute but acknowledge the point you’re making and, yes, if we scored when I had a beer there’s a strong chance I’d spill some. To be honest I’m not hugely advocating for the change, I’ve been attending football since thw early 90s (the...
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    Drinking alcohol in your seat could be re-instated in football grounds( L2 and National League only) ?

    Me either. Although I didn’t want to miss any of the first half so only five minutes left of half time before I’d get a beer meaning had to either down it, leave half of it or miss the start of the second half. Would have been nice to be able to take it up to the stand with me.
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    Team vs West Ham (A)

    I think last night will give Frank more confidence in 3-4-3 as an option for future home games, particularly those we’d be more expected to be pushing for 3 points in but don’t see him changing it for a tough away fixture. Same team as today (assuming Pinnock’s fit) other than the usual...
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    Anyone else still not received their tickets?
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    Final Score Bees 3 (Pinnock, Janelt, Wissa) Liverpool 3 Att: 16,876

    Interesting, I was in N122 and other than the very very occasional ‘Liverpool, Liverpool’ I didn’t hear them at all until they scored the second. Thought they were much quieter than Britton. Albeit the rest of the ground was far louder than against Brighton so maybe that contributed to us...
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    Kristoffer Ajer

    I think he’s got some big competition from a certain Mr Pinnock for being the best centre back.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    To be fair most posts on there are complimentary of us (clubs and fans).
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    Team vs Liverpool

    Just type ‘thomas Frank press conference liverpool’ in to YouTube
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    Team vs Liverpool

    They haven’t got a bad side now either.
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    Chants for Marcus, Ivan and others

    I think our current repertoire of songs generally (not just related to players) is really bad. The only ones (home or away) that seem to get traction with a decent number of people are ‘by far the greatest team, ‘song on our own’, ‘hey Jude’ and ‘hey Sergi Canos’.
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    Regardless of who we draw it will definitely be a step up for our fringe players, no league two teams remaining and only one league one (assuming afc Wimbledon lose to arsenal tonight) so chances are will be a prem or championship team.
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    Survival Progress League

    Doable but, if we managed it, shouldn’t underestimate what an achievement and excellent start to the season that would be
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