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    New Brentford (muppets)

    Disco don’t happen when we lose
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    New Brentford (muppets)

    I agree with every thing you say, fans should be able to leave early if they choose to as well show their displeasure with performances. It’s just this ‘real’ v ‘new’ Brentford thing that is getting on my tits and maybe not even that but just Brentford fans having a go at other Brentford fans...
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Exciting times although If we continue playing 352 I’m not sure we’d get the best out of him.
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    New Brentford (muppets)

    Geez, they are also not clapping mindlessly they are showing their appreciation for players that represent our club, players that a few months ago were playing in the championship, players that are getting used to a significantly higher standard, players that may not actually be good enough to...
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    New Brentford (muppets)

    This thread is really f*cked up, leave early you are ‘new Brentford’, give stick to those that leave early you are ‘new Brentford’…you could not make this sh*t up!!
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    New Brentford (muppets)

    My wife and daughter could be classified as new Brentford they have only been coming the 2-3 seasons. Win, lose or draw they stay til the end and clap the players….without fail!! They don’t stand there and turn on the players, they don’t shout to Jensen that he is “waste of skin” they don’t...
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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Wolves 2 Att 16,982 Plus Drone

    Unless we change formation he will make no difference, when the midfield get the ball all they have is Bryan and Ivan to aim for, and Ivan’s movement is not great, or they can pass it sideways to the wing backs.
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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    North Liverpool Academy, it took a good 45 minutes to get out of the car park..then crawled all the way to the M62
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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    Our sat nav redirected us to go right, which was clear, left was gridlocked….we went left, 1hr 40min later we got out of Liverpool
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    Liverpool champagne moment

    We noticed this, it was literally everywhere!
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    Tickets Man City (A) Members +0 TAPs

    Yep nothing coming up
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    Panini PL Brentford Stickers

    Give us a few days and I’ll have plenty of swaps (got a 100 packs to go through), will get back to you…
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    Are you happy with your neighbours at LR?

    No, person next to me needed to buy 2 seats instead of just one. I have half a seat most games..
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    Signed New Contract Pontus Jansson

    That sounds more like the truth than my version..👍
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    Signed New Contract Pontus Jansson

    I thought that it had been subsequently clarified that Dalsgaard actually wanted to stay but the club did not offer him another contract..
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