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    Brentford v Preston Updates

    I believe that was our first 5 goal league victory since Crewe in November 2013, under Uwe Rosler.
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    Alan Judge - Signs until June 2017

    Yes great player Johnny Brooks but that was in the old 4th Division not this level. Brooks inside right, McAdams centre forward and John Dick inside left. That season we were 4th Div Champs, Dick 24 goals, McAdams 23 and Brooks 22. I think Brooks was the closest to what you could call a...
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    Bristol City v Brentford match reports

    That's a good point. They only lost 2 at home in the league last season.
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    Warburton Chant in Ealing Road today

    The rest of us need to make sure this type of thing doesn't plague our games, by immediately confronting the idiots that make these comments/chants. This is a moment for everyone involved in the club to stand together and be positive to ensure that the team that Benham is investing in, on and...
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    Tony Craig

    Thanks for caring so much, Tony. A key man in the push for promotion and will always be a BFC hero. Will definitely get a standing ovation from me if he returns.
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    125 Years of Brentford FC Book - Reprint Required?

    I would definitely buy one.
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    Will Grigg - Signs to June 2016

    I thought that the plan was for the new system to create continuity. A head coach is chosen for his suitability for coaching the Brentford style of play, which will remain consistent through changes of personnel. If that is the case, we will not be deserting the system that has worked so well...
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    Did you leave the Charlton match early?

    In my view, some of the Charlton stewards were overly aggressive and confrontational. Some of them behaved like moody nightclub bouncers, rather than people there to ensure crowd safety. I should point out that I was sober and was not involved in any of the incidents. I am commenting because I...
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    Did you leave the Charlton match early?

    Stayed until the very end, as I always have and will. Worst performance of the season in my opinion. The Charlton stewards are a disgrace. Worse than the incident around 10 years ago.
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    Will Norwich tickets be available on the day?

    I have a spare senior ticket to the game, as my dad cannot make it. If anyone is planning on buying one at the ground, I would sell it for less than the £25 I paid for it. Please send me a personal message if you're interested. COYR!
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    Bees vs Oldham Match Reports

    Thanks! At least we got the points anyway.
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    Bees vs Oldham Match Reports

    I had a perfect view of the incident and Jonathon Douglas definitely did not get the ball. It was a clear and calculated foul to prevent the Oldham player having a shot. Douglas immediately pointed out to the referee that Tony Craig was the last man and the ref correctly awarded a free kick and...
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    Where is the best place to watch a game at GP??

    Back fow of paddock, on the half way line. Definitely the best view, but sadly lacking in vociferous support for the team.
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    Team vs Swindon (A)

    I would start with Trotta. Given the chance to redeem himself, he'll give everything to make up for his penalty miss. Moore Logan Dean O'Connor Bidwell Forshaw Adeyemi Douglas Diagouraga Donaldson Trotta Then we'll have the fresh BWP and Forrester to terrorise their defence for the final 30...
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    Swindon Town-we're coming for you

    Not sure I will ever get over what happened yesterday. I've witnessed every one of our playoff heartbreaks, as well as Reading in 2002, but yesterday was the worst moment of the lot for me. Having said that, I wouldn't miss the playoffs. I have seen better football this season than in any...
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