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    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    I really like this guy and he has shown that he's incredibly gifted and very determined. He's now built for Champ battle to go with his massive tekkers. If he can find the next level up of consistency, he'll be a top Champ player.
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    I'd go as far at to say it's Vitaly he plays a part.
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    Asahi Become Stadium Partners

    I didn't know Grolsch still existed?! But love a bit of LP, Guinness and Peroni. Lovely stuff.
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    Barry Bannan

    Decent baller - would be a good addition
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    GONE Said Benrahma

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    GONE Said Benrahma

    not that close to the Warburton era if you're suggesting a Plan B..
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    Birmingham 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    Look. Brum have strengthened and added and in Karanka we know they’ll be a very well organised, defensive unit. They’ll be an effective top 10 champ team. They were so up for this. New season, new manager, fresh impetus. Almost the worst team to face on day one. Set against that backdrop, no...
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    I never find it hard to get excited for a Bees match but I just don’t feel “over” the end of last season yet. And I’m just sitting on my fat behind watching. Lord knows how hard it must be for these lads to get back to 100%. I know they’re getting paid well for the provilege etc etc but still...
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    2 pens. 1 each half.
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    I’d get in their Vela or Bela though. Very decent. Always looks a threat.
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    I just don’t get it. We have to appeal these things as a team. We “lose out” on 8 - 12 points a season by not being a better at that. I hate that part of the game but if we don’t do it we won’t get up.
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    That was a full frontal assault by that fat cnut dean. Led with the should into norgaard’s head. Play it back. It’s clear. Straight red, pen to us. Toney off the mark. I ducking hate playing that Cnut kawanker’s teams. Clayton and Friend.
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    Norgaard Makes Full International Debut v England

    MOTM - what a surprise! :love:
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