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    Retiring an outdated chant

    Last time Rafa Benitez came to GP as a manager he was the subject of derogatory chants based on his Spanish heritage and appearance. Whilst many may say that this is a bit of fun, I think we have moved on from this type of chanting and we need to get these things right as we go forward.
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    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    My first ever game was Man City in the cup at home’89. I was a young kid in a packed Braemar paddock and got moaned at by grown men about being a new face/glory hunter. Despite their protests I’m still here and enjoy ST/TAP access. A bit of kindness and a warm welcome to new fans might not be...
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    New Kits for 2021/22

    At least we are not going down the Sunderland route of re working famous red and white stripes.
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    New Kits for 2021/22

    wow! At long last…. I really really like this. It’s almost perfect, apart from the sponsor. What a shame. But on the whole great apart from that. Also I’m not a huge fan of the collar, I imagine it must feel a bit restrictive, but a great shirt nonetheless. Lovely to see traditional stripes...
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    2021/22 Kits

    This looks fake as the price is reduced, but please please please please please footballing gods, do not let this be our kit next season. And this comes from somebody who liked the Jaffa cake shirt! please please please no .
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    David Raya

    The other thing is, that assuming Raya does not become a total disaster (I don’t think he will and think he is very good, when not handing out free gifts to oppo forwards) it’s not in the financial interest of the club as he is a high value saleable asset and dropping him for any sustained...
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    Lionel Road Seats

    The yellow and black seats are not so new. I came across these pics of an art project I did for the GPLZ in New Road at GP in 2006. It was only up for one match, but clearly the colour scheme made an impression.
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    Wycombe v Bees Predictions

    Looking at the stats objectively, we have a greater sense of entitlement than today’s opponents and should be beating teams like Wycombe :fishing: (I reserve the right to add ‘FFS’ - pending result )
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    I’m a teacher and 2 significant things happened in class this week: 1. A 14 yr old Chelsea supporter, was talking about Brentford as a team that should and will be playing in the premier league. With total conviction and sincerity. 2.A 17 yr old with an emerging interest in football, said They...
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    Lionel Road Seats

    Will fans be satisfied by the pitch, volume and general quality of squeak, during squeaky bum time?
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    Have written to EFL and club, but lord only knows how difficult it will be to get a refund. I’m furious. It might only be a tenner, but I will pursue this and won’t let it go. It’s an absolute racket.
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    Put my code in. Still got billed a tenner. Furious. Daylight robbery.
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    Things that have disappeared from football matches

    the orange ball if it snowed. Close thread.
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    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    The prawns are off. the lettuce is limp. the bread is curling in the corners. This is far worse than a bad taste in the mouth. This is full on poisoning of the guts of the club. The results will be unpleasant, smelly and many will resent having to experience the inevitable fallout. If this...
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    Championship kits 20/21

    Millwall is one of the few I’ve see where the sponsor brings balance to the shirt. So often they’re a disastrous after thought.
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