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    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    Very sad news RIP Peter condolences to all his family
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    Adrian Beckles RIP

    Very sad news RIP Adrian
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    Joyce Neate - Brentford FC - RIP

    Sorry to hear the sad news. Joyce was a lovely lady. Have many fond memories of Bill and Joyce. Now you are back together. R. I. P
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    So who is going to the Blackburn match today?

    Best of luck today and give them a big shout for me and Rose as we can't be there being stuck in tier 3
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    I'm a premium st and have had no contact from the club at all
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    I'm a premium St's and have not had a call but is that because I'm in t3 area
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    Book Your Visit To GP! More Tickets Available

    hatfieldbee you need to get your facts straight & do your homework before making comments on this site. As season ticket holder I have been watching Brentford Home & Away for over 40 years
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    Book Your Visit To GP! More Tickets Available

    Just tried to book a slot but all sold out? How come ?
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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    57 years of watching the bees from the first time in 63 to the last in 2020 what memories from my first time dad took me to me taking now my wife Rose to her first game in 1980 we will never forget this place we call home Thank you griffin park
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    RIP Hamburger Hill / Matt Newman

    So sad to hear this news RIP Matt and condolences to his family
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    Doug Scott

    Just read this sad news condolences to his family and friends RIP
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    Focus Groups

    Thanks for info Thanks for the information very much appreciated
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    Focus Groups

    Me and Rose did ask to join the farewell to griffin park group did get one email a long time ago saying thanks for asking to join but have heard nothing since any help with time and date of the next meeting would be helpful
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