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    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    What's the over/under on English players on the pitch if this happens? 5 of the 22?
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    Yes, ageeed! You are arguing my position.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    it is hearsay. That’s why he reported it but didn’t eject him. This is a ludicrous discussion (I think you sometimes just like to hear yourself argue eruditely). I’ll leave it here.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    How would it look if the ref said play on, I’ll get to it maybe later? Like the league is serious about racism? If that is the expected procedure why do you find a reason to disagree?
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    no, but now when the ref puts this serious charge in his match report there is a time and witness.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    it’s a pretty serious charge Sergi made. You don’t think it warrants immediate attention?
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    because he didn’t hear it. If he took Sergi’s word for it, every match would feature a red card or six, as players learned to lie.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    I could have used not actually having to read that
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    Rico Henry - Signs to June 2023

    'Tweaking' in the playoffs is a sign you've got no idea what your best side is. At this point we have a way we play, the players are comfortable and we're winning, we stick with it in the playoffs. Think we next see Rico in an August preseason friendly at Slough Town.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Because it’s the “what other fans say” thread?
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    Championship Round 45 (Sat 1st May)

    losing seven straight to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory would be amazing.
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    Final Score Bees 2 - 0 Watford (Forss, Toney(p))

    All those draws in March/April...
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    Who do you want/fear?

    Really? Last year I was SURE we were better tha Fulham (we were) and was crushed by our loss. This year not as confident at all.
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    Who do you want/fear?

    With two left to play, Bournemouth, Swansea, Barnsley all on 77 points. What are your thoughts on who you'd like/dread to see first?
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    Martin Allen

    It was only lucrative if he was any good. Certainly a wise deal for a player Allen literally knew nothing about. If he fails, which I'll bet MA thought likely, he's not going to break the bank. If he turns out to be all-that, then the money is completely worth it. Sound deal.
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