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    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    Bees fans selling tickets to Man Utd fans doesn’t help
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    WCB are running a bus up to Liverpool .If any one wants to join us and can get near M5 please PM or phone 07810443672
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    Wiki PL Games Moved for TV and Other Reasons (non Bees)

    If sky don’t pick our home game against Man Utd ,can it still be changed by Amazon or bt
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    WCB Minibus CHELSEA

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    WCB Minibus: Liverpool(H)

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    WCB Minibus Brighton(H)

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    WCB MINIBUS Crystal Palace

    We all did .Journey up was not good .But we got to the ground for 7.30 so all good
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    WCB MINIBUS Crystal Palace

    WCB are running a minibus up for the Crystal Palace match away .If you fancy joining us and can get to any junction on the m5 or m4 motorway please phone 07810443672 or PM
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    West Country bees minibus v Arsenal

    Defo .Been to long mate
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    West Country bees minibus v Arsenal

    South stand .Where are you mate
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    West Country bees minibus v Arsenal

    WCB are running 2 buses up for the arsenal game .We Will be taking the normal route of m5 and m4 so if you can get close to the motorway and fancy joining us please PM or phone 07810443672
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    Michael "Paddy" Patten RIP

    RIP paddy .Great fella .Had many away games on his coach .As 8corner said ,Blackpool away was definitely one to remember .Another was Rotherham,all of us pushing it to get the coach started .Great days to be a bees fan
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    Henrik Dalsgaard (Released)

    Fantastic player .Loved watching him play for our club
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    We had the hole of January to sort this out .Most people knew that we had to get backup in .You don’t take a gamble and think we will not get any injuries between now and the end of the season
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