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  • hi m8, so who is in the running for this managers job, i am a bit confused by the posts, hope your ok

    where abouts are you at wembley m8, be good to meet up so i know who i am in contact with !
    Hi, Well got my tickets for wembley, bet u have already, cant wait, so how we playing under Forster and co, any improvement, results are better, any indication of the shortlist for the new management, have not heard anything down here, Well onwards and upwards hopefully we go mate,x
    Hi mate,

    Hoping to get to know someone who attends home games reguarly, as you can see we live in Devon, get to watch them as best as i can, yeovil, EXETER, Plymouth, would like updates on news and how we play at griffin park,, still just getting ready for tonights live match on sky, lets hope we stuff em.
    hey mate.

    saw in your last message you were living in falmer. are you at university here?

    im in second year at sussex. its surprising how many bees ive bumped into!

    youuuuuu redddssssss !

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