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    Any coach spaces left?
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    Guessing you can park at Westfield if driving? Don’t think the roads are impacted by marathon closures.
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    Myles Peart-Harris

    He’s the same as JDS when he joined. Needs 12mths to be ready and will then be fine.
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    Any idea what row number the front row of the upper section is?
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    Shandon Baptiste

    First yellow was a joke. Great tackle.
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    Ivan Toney

    We practice a drill in the warm up where we get overloads out wide and cross it in…..but haven’t seen us do it during a match in the 4 games so far.
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    Ivan Toney

    Playing well but spending a lot of time a long way away from the opposition’s goal. He’s setting up chances for Bryan when it’d be better the other way round considering their respective finishing skills.
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    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    I’m sure it has been covered….but proof of double vaccine or negative test for adults….any requirements of kids who aren’t testing at school?
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    Bees v Brighton Predictions

    Agree this is an important one. Reckon it’s a test for the home support as much as anything. Can they get up for a Sat 3pm against Brighton? Arsenal under the lights was easy.
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    Split the away seating in two

    While standing at away games isn’t a new topic I think it is something that BFC need to add on to their list to sort. If you are attending with young and / or old at the moment away games are painful. No one wants to stop the standers standing but get people in the right places in the stand. In...
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    Final Score Aston Villa 1 Brentford 1 (Toney)

    Good point. Villa Park is a great ground to watch football in. Shame we couldn’t hold on to our lead for another 10mins. Decent goal from them. Buendia always seems to score against us. Raya top quality. Back 3/5 all solid but both Rico and Canos need to work on their composure when they get...
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    Villa away - 28 August - travel

    Any tips on where to park?
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    Mads Bech Sørensen (Long Term Injury)

    Thought it was a hammy.
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    Mads Bidstrup

    Support of senior pros I would think. World looks different when Raya, Pontus, Norgard, Toney, etc are on the pitch with you.
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    EFL Cup Forest Green (H) Tue Aug 24th

    Wonder if Persian is watching his prince. He’s out there apparently 😂 Needs a big 45 to make the bench on Saturday.
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