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  • Hello.
    Saw your posting on the GPG after our win last night. Hopefully it looks more and more your Wolves and us Bees going up. For once, I don't mind about
    being Champions or runners up as long as we avoid those ruddy play-offs. Some idiot chairman we used to have invented them would you believe!
    Would love to see you thrash Rotherham to stop any lingering doubts about our promotion. Well done to your club, as I really cannot see you failing to
    get promoted now surely? Always thought of Wolves as a Premiership club, so would be good to see you promoted again and dislodge one of those
    pretenders in that division. Hopefully we shall be congratulating each other soon, and watching 4 clubs go through the misery of the play-offs.
    Kind regards,
    Arrogance or Expectation?
    On Friday on the Bees v Wolves prediction thread there was a lot of bees fans predicting wins of 5 0, 5 2, 3 0, 3 1, this is fair enough you have been on a good run and were expecting a better result than you got.
    There were also many comments regarding Wolves fans being arrogant thinking they would win the league, beat you easily etc, well from what I read surely believing you would beat wolves 5 0 5 2 etc is very arrogant or is it expectation after a good run. just a thought!
    I really do hope you get promoted after last years heartache, I just hope we go up with you, even though I have enjoyed life in League 1 its been a fantastic experience.
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