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    6 days that finished our season....

    I'm more concerned by the fact we've had to play three games in 6 days. Henry's injury is an example of that. This schedule is just brutal (as it is of course for all the other teams). Yes, it was the worst I've seen us play this season, but I still look forward to watching the next game and...
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    Brentford GIFs

    Amazing. Well done!
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    Spurs v Bees predictions...

    A few predictions going for a heavy defeat. I think a few seasons ago we'd have lost 4-0/5-0 (see Chelsea away) but think it will be a lot tighter with this team playing out of their skins. Brain 1-0 them Heart 1-0 us
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    Bees v Brizzle city predictions...

    4-0 Love it when we beat this lot. Makes going into work the next day a lot easier.
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    Post Match Thread Bees 2 - Muff 1 (Dalsgaard, Fosu)

    Absolutely. I'd forgotten that Fosu came to us in the January window. Janelt was immense today, again. Isn't it great to think that these two would be considered for the bench in a fully fit squad?
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    Ref for Bournemouth (H)

    I'd seen the video at the start of this thread, so had an idea of what to expect. He let the game flow brilliantly. Saw him try his attempt to talk to the players like he did in that A League clip, but the players weren't so keen to give him the time to listen! He shows how it could be done...
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    Bees v Blackburn Updates

    Looking forward to hearing from people at the ground. Come on you bees!
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    Ollie Watkins

    Yeah I noticed this, but if he wasn't being held back he would definitely be offside. Interesting one.
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    Fans Back in Stadiums from Dec 2nd

    Gutted I won't be able to get to the first game at Lionel Road with fans - and probably not for this season either - but really excited for those who get to make Brentford FC history!
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    Brentford GIFs

    Nice one mate. Just seen those. Before I read through your whole message, I was thinking of the rainbow flick. It has now been sent sent to a few Bristol city mates! How about Judge v Arsenal? McCormack controlling with his face before scoring (sorry I forget who that's against?)
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    Saïd Benrahma

    Yep, good value at the moment.
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    Conditions of PL Financial Support

    Sod's law that if Liverpool and Man Utds proposal of an 18-team PL goes ahead, we finish 2nd that previous season! It's Brentford innit.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Accidentally left him as captain in my fantasy team...(y)(y) Good man, Ollie.
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    SIGNED Vitaly Janelt signs four year contract.

    I love how we do business. Strength in depth across many (edit: most!) positions now. Back in April we were speculating how we'd carry on with our model post Brexit and post Covid. Doesn't seem to be holding us back...yet!
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    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2023

    And there was a lot of spin on the ball to deal with.
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