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    Andre Gray

    Err no. Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I got anything wrong. Now feel free to go away.
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    Andre Gray

    Ah yes that prestigious award also recently won by the likes of Bamford and Vydra, who have clearly gone on to be world beaters. I couldn’t give a toss what he’s won, he’s not achieved the heights that many predicted.
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    Andre Gray

    Another one who apart from reconfirming what he is, has, despite his big money moves, never replicated anything like the form he showed for us.
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    Game 47 England v Belgium

    Agree, pretty confident we’ll beat Columbia and very confident we’ll beat either Sweden or Switzerland. Then it’s the semi finals and anything could happen.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    It’s in dollars not pounds. So about £170k and counting.
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    Game 47 England v Belgium

    I’d still rather see him start ahead of Sterling.
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    Game 47 England v Belgium

    **** me are Southend in the World Cup then?
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    Florian Jozefzoon - Signs to June 2019

    Didn’t he want to buy into the club a few weeks ago? He will therefore undoubtedly turn down £30k a week from Wolves.
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    After the trouble and expense we went to to sign him I would think we’d be looking for double that. And no one will pay that for him yet.
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window (CLOSED)

    But why would paying £50k a week smash their wage structure? How much do you reckon Aaron Lennon is on? £60-70k i reckon. He wasn’t on peanuts at Tottenham or Everton was he?
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window (CLOSED)

    He’s a centre forward at a Premier League club. £50k a week was used to make the point that he’s on a lot of money. Anyway, as my post said, he plays for Burnley not Huddersfield.
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window (CLOSED)

    I don’t know who Nikki Well is, but if you mean Nahki Wells then there are several flaws to this plan, including the fact that he plays for Burnley. Oh and that he’s probably on about £50k a week.
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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    Thin on the ground only if we don’t bring a forward in. I can’t imagine we’d sell Maupay and not bring another forward in, can you?
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    The Commentator Controversy.

    I listened to some of the Germany V Sweden on Five Live the other night. One Terry Butcher was co commentating. At one point, while talking about the Swedish coach, he said ‘If he was a shepherd I wouldn’t want to be his sheep.’ What the eff does that even mean?
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