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    Covid Football "Break"?

    Just saw that Burnley have requested postponing the postponed game which having been rearranged will now be rearranged but may need to be rearranged again depending on further postponements that will succeed the original postponement as well as the postponement that followed that one. This in...
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    I appreciate your point, and I can't fault your analysis. You're right that tactical discipline is pivotal to ensuring a tight and cohesive system. The issue for me, is that at this moment in time, I'm concerned that discipline is failing. That's not to say we haven't exceeded all expectations...
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    Love it! You’re absolutely right. Unless I’m mistaken, this current system of 5-3-2 only came about because the last system wasn’t working. Therefore, I don’t entirely understand the reluctance to change things.
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    Just out of interest, are you dropping Fernandez based on today’s performance? I actually thought he was pretty good. I like Stevens at LWB!
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    Ivan Toney

    Oddly enough, It reminds me slightly of Bryan last season. Of course there’s a difference. It would be virtually impossible to bench Ivan given his track record and influence, but last season TF continued to deploy Bryan in the same system game after game after game, despite his performances...
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    Expectations for the Season 21/22

    I said 16th at the start of the season ( at the time that was wishful thinking). Despite our impressive start, I’m sticking with it. I’ve seen posts that have said on the basis of performances right now we might go down. I’ve only seen posts saying a top 10 finish. For me, the Truth is in...
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    I think it’s that disconnect that has caused a lot of ‘needless goals’. The goals we conceded against Brighton and Southampton ( Trossard and Adams), we’re clear evidence that neither the defence nor GK have enough trust in the other. The goal we conceded against Watford was another example...
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    No the worst result in all fairness. In it for longer than I expected. The frustration for me is that against City, Liverpool and Chelsea we defended resolutely for a lot of the game ( apart from the conceded goals, which were avoidable of course). So why is when we’ve played Beighton...
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    Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)

    Seems he's going through a rough patch. But considering he's already played for England and made an impression there. Sure he'll be back. A bit like Said. Taken time, but he seems to be doing really well at West Ham
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    Pontus Jansson

    I’m sorry, Pontus does have leadership skills, but if you think Leicester City, a Europa League team, were honestly after him then I reckon we’re after CR9!
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    Not to worry, it’s not like your bees shirt will need to undergo too make change to become a Southampton one 🤭
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    Álvaro Fernández

    It’s strange, having watched tonight, I do have a lot of sympathy for Alvaro. When we lost Raya, we all knew it would be a humungous loss. I actually think we’ve discovered it’s far worse than that. If you look at every aspect of our game, from the formation to the defence, even in possession...
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    Pontus Jansson

    100% agree
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    Pontus Jansson

    I might be wrong here, but there’s something I’ve not quite understood about posts concerning Pontus. Since being in the prem, he’s been good. I wouldn’t say great, but good. However, when discussing games when he has a stinker, a lot of posts say “ well, he had a bad day, but I’ll let him...
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    MotM Man of the match v Southampton (A) 11-1-22

    Vitaly followed by Bryan.
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