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    "Celebration" - The End?

    I always hated it, disco sucks, we should absolutely keep it
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    CBU's GPG FAQs

    Can you not respond quite so quickly until a few people have asked or it makes a mockery of the whole thread.
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    Optus Sport in Australia

    Pretty solid for me tonight
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    Lap of Honour

    The Brentford Community Circulatory Celebrational Until we get a sponsor
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    Final Score Bees 2 (Canos, Norgaard) Arsenal 0

    f*** me that noise, good job bees
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    Optus Sport in Australia

    I get it for free with my mobile plan :bound: It's costing me nothing to watch Brentford in the top tier of English football. That special was excellent. Really enjoyed it, except for a tiny bit of dust in my eye which caused me to sob uncontrollably at one point.
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    English football introduces new guidance for heading

    Nice summary, this is excellent GPG content, I follow the physics but 100% still would prefer someone booted a new football at my face than an old one 🤷
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    Team for Arsenal game

    I'm going to be doing this 'old man sit down' move so many times this year
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    Team for Arsenal game

    'Team for Arsenal game'
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    SIGNED Kristoffer Ajer (Celtic CB)

    Hadn't heard that. Makes me love Benham even more. I think it's one of the most important books I have ever read and one of only a handful I've read more than once.
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    Optus Sport in Australia

    I can watch Brentford in the premiership next season for absolutely f*** all because of my mobile phone plan. This is a challenging and surreal sentence to me. Anyone else struggling to cope?
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    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    Are we going to continue to sell everyone's data?
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