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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Shouldn't be a problem if it's fully recovered. Definitely would be if not .
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    Taking up refereeing. He's been garbage since he started
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    Happens all the time. Refs don't bother any more.
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Wissa, Roerslev) Aston Villa 1 Att: 16,876

    Not that different to Sat 3.00pm. We managed them for years. 2pm gives more time in pubs, less traffic & parking issues, daylight travel. I like them.
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    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    Done about 20 in my playing days many years ago. Horrible injury.
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    13 Covid Cases at BFC / Southampton POSTPONED

    Let them pay for their own treatment if they finish up in hospital.
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    Final Score Leeds 2 - 2 Bees (Baptiste, Canos)

    That's what winds me up about refs today. Yellow card for that & they miss the blatant dangerous still that goes on
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    Team vs Leeds (A)

    Probably lost in translation. He doesn't speak a word of English.
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    Final Score Newcastle United 3 Brentford 3 (Toney, Henry, OG)

    I was about to say the same. You beat me to it.
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    Final Score Bees (Henry) 1-2 Norwich (Att: 16,837)

    I've just put a similar comment on another thread.
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    Wiki Bees Season 2021/22 TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    Hope we got more mentions than on Match of the Day. It was all Norwich & sacking their manager.
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    MotM Man of the Match v Burnley (A)

    Ghoddos getting lots of votes on this. Perhaps he needs a run in the side rather than regular bench warming.
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    Final Score Burnley 3 - 1 Brentford (Ghoddos)

    It's Jon Moss. Didn't expect anything else.
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