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    New Ticketing Website - Issues

    Bought ten tickets for the Forest game yesterday. Got two friends to set up new accounts and linked purchase to family and friends. Took minutes once I realised they are on general sale and ticket office very helpful in pointing me in right direction
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    Brentford 7 (Seven) - 0 Luton: Match Reports

    We have been threatening to do that against someone for a while. Luton were abject in every area of the pitch. I don’t think I remember a single booking and nobody is moaning about the ref. They couldn’t even get close enough to foul us! Great confidence boost for December which will find out...
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    Josh Dasilva - Signs to June 2024

    #just sayin!
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    FT: Leeds 1 - 0 Bees

    With ten minutes to go we were looking comfortable against likely champions. Once again a single chance is converted. This is still a team working out how to play with each other and I just don’t buy this lack of striker thing. We have plenty who can score goals. Stop the negativity. This team...
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    Josh Dasilva - Signs to June 2024

    Like Sawyers we will grow to love him
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    Champagne moment vs Fake Bees

    Maupay explaining to their young keeper not to be quite so gobby after scoring the Pen!
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    FT: Bees 3 (og, Benrahma, Henry) Stoke City 1

    Very true. It’s interesting there have been few comments about the ref today who I thought had a good game. Very early on he had a word with Stoke player to stop him pinching yards for throw in, then he had a chat with both managers although not sure what that was about. He wasn’t fooled by some...
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    Referee Watch 2018 /2019

    He should just have blown the whistle for the restart and left them all on the sidelines. And the no 10 who stood in front of every free kick should be booked the second time he does it and everyone from same team thereafter. And the same for the time wasting keeper - book him the second time he...
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    Brentford vs Forest Champagne Moments

    About fifty fans at the front of Braemar waving hands “palms down” telling their No8 to calm down take your time just after we scored the winner. Priceless!
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    FT: Bees 2 (Canos, Jozefzoon) QPR 1

    Why did Holloway spend game hiding in the dugout?
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    Notts County Match Reports

    It’s very easy to blame JM and others for the lack of final pass but they have no chance to make that pass if there is no movement from the forwards. We are a different prospect with Vibe, his intelligent runs and consistent movement create space and an outlet. Maupay, Watkins and others are not...
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    Josh McEachran - Leaves Brentford

    Josh had another very good game today. Would love to see the stats on ground covered, tackles made, interceptions etc. Sure he will be right up there. As DS said he is a very talented influential player; who just needs game time to function to his best. It is no surprise that against Villa and...
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    6m for Jota is a brilliant piece of business. He is a one trick pony who does not defend enough and the championship teams have worked out how to defend against. Oh and out of contract at end of season. The wailers on this thread need to start smelling the coffee!
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    Grenfell tower and pre season

    Yes I certainly pay tax! Good advice and well received. I grew up in the area and have already made tax efficient donation but felt I should also support clubs generous initiative. I hope there is a good crowd and fully expect usual Bees generosity.
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