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    Final Score Chelsea 1 Brentford 4 (FOUR)

    Exactly. Received congratulatory message from Aldershot supporting mate (they have just lost 6 on the spin and are 4th from bottom in the National League). "Just watched game - Bees so impressive. 10 years ago we played you and beat you. Madness"
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Thanks for that hence why I didn't get one covering my family's ticket purchases earlier today. I had a slight complication with the renewal process and had to phone the Club twice, but to be fair to the Ticket Office, who doubtless are busier than normal, all was sorted very efficiently and...
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    Final Score Norwich City 1 Brentford 3 (Toney 3 (2p))

    When players came over to the Bees fans at the end he looked like he had strapping on his thigh
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Thanks Trevor 😂 - I may not be Sir Tim Berners-Lee but did think to check my sent box and a timed and dated copy is there rather than in my drafts. Have also checked to see acknowledgement didn't go into spam or elsewhere. From RAF_Patto comment (thanks) I'm not the only one. Will let dust...
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    I wasn't expecting an immediate response, but unusually I didn't even get an auto-generated acknowledgement of my email of 2nd March to which I always have done in the past. Just hoping it landed in the overflowing mailbox
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Apologies, I should have logged into my ticketing account before posting the above query. System has automatically recognised me as crossing senior threshold in July and priced season ticket accordingly so presumably 1st August remains cut off date.
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Have the goalposts moved? Used to be age as at 1st August that determined whether you would qualify for senior rate for forthcoming season? I hope they haven't as I'm 64 turning 65 July and hoping for senior rate for the first time having just missed out when qualifying age for concession...
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    Report inappropriate behaviour at home games

    Not too dissimilar behaviour in Row 13 N124 week in week out. Not homophobic or racist but the relentless screaming out of obscenities from start to finish mostly along the lines of 'you f***ing c***' and variations of same depending on any notable characteristics of the target. I get that...
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    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    Inaccurate and biased reporting of this postponement on BBC Breakfast (from Salford) this morning "Manchester United's game tonight has been called off...". It is of course Brentford's game which has been called off 🐝🐝😜
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    Final Score Leeds 2 - 2 Bees (Baptiste, Canos)

    Mine might be biased but it's in Portuguese so no idea. COYB
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    Hunting the Ticket Touts - a GPG Investigation

    And so it goes on. I put my daughters adjacent North Stand season ticket for today's Everton game on the ticket exchange last week and was notified Thursday that it was sold. The person occupying the seat turned out to be a Leeds fan 'down south' for the weekend having been to the Brighton v...
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    Kew Bridge Train Services - Different Arrangements (Norwich)

    Out of interest Banana, what was "a decent wait" ? Did you make it to Platform 2 in time to get the 1720 or would you have done if it had left on time? Getting that 1720 train as a North Stand punter, i.e. being as far from the tunnel as you can get, has been hit and miss to date (depending on...
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    Leicester (H) Sun Oct 24th 14:00 (Not on TV)

    No, if my understanding is correct Kew Bridge isn't closed. Replacement buses mentioned link to trains leaving from Hounslow towards London
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    Leicester (H) Sun Oct 24th 14:00 (Not on TV)

    Apologies if posted elsewhere, but after yesterday's travel aggravation for many, I just discovered more of the same on the Staines / Ashford / Hounslow /Kew Bridge line next Sunday 24th October for the Leicester game with replacement buses on part of route (and if you live in North Hampshire...
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    Retiring an outdated chant

    It's not discriminatory and certainly not unique to Brentford, in fact it probably surfaces at every football club in the country, but if there is one chant that definitely should be consigned to Room 101 sooner rather than later it has to be: "'re f****in' s**t, you're f****in' s**t...
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