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    Griffin Park Update

    Our beloved griffinpark has been sleeping now for over a year, but am pretty sure that at 19:55 on the 13/8/21 Hey Jude was loud enough for her to here, I would like to think she opened her eyes and smiled. RIP old girl. ❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝
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    This one’s for you…

    For my Mum, Grandad, Uncles, who have all stood on the Griffenpark terraces but are no longer with us.🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️
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    Brentford v Bournemouth FT: 3-1 (Toney(p) Janelt, Forss) agg 3-2

    At the end of the game there was a few of us in the weststand waving at him politely as he picked up his towel, his response was to give us the ive got money sign with his fingers. I honestly don’t think he cared less they had been beaten.
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    Champagne moment V Blackburn (H)

    So pleased it wasn’t just me, I could barely sing any words at all, I was blubbering like a 54yr old baby. 🥲
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    Summer 2019 Window: CLOSED. (Outs to Europe can still happen though)

    John Bostock same initials as Jake Bidwell.
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    Tunes to say farewell to GP

    I will always love you, Whitney Houston
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    Make ONE unlikely prediction for BEES this season

    As the curtain comes down for the final time, Paul McCartney sings Hey Jude live at Griffin Park.
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    QPR Programme Cover

    The headline Goodbye Brentford says it all, when they are relegated this season they know they won’t be playing us for quite a while.
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    RIP Dr Sandy Briden

    Rest in peace sandy, a true legend.
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    New Stadium News and Beesotted Podcast

    Yes totally agree, nice stadium,steep stands, atmospheric, enjoyed my vist. Also felt larger than its 12k capacity, so a larger version just a stones throw from GP more than happy.
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    New Stadium News and Beesotted Podcast

    If it was a bigger version of Rotherhams New York stadium I wouldn't be to disappointed.
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    Peter Gilham - Get Well Soon

    Stand tall Peter, and kick it into touch, look forward to seeing you at GP soon.
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    Uwe Rosler

    His first signing will be Charlie McDonald.
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    Martin Lange RIP

    R.I.P Martin, your V.I.P seat in the grandstand in the sky is waiting for you..
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