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  • I see that you went to Gunnersbury like. Yself, and maybe 5 years ago I heard Harman aka scratch was convicted of abuse offences. He was the one with the birth mark on his face, he was strict but never thought that those things went on there, but it obviously did.
    Hi Cheshire,

    My friend Richard Brown a life long Bees fan needs a ticket and if still available will call you and come and meet to pick up if you still have.

    Can you text or call me that ok with you and I'll give him your number
    Thanks in advance

    Sean A
    07507 836280
    Hi Chris, never say no to beer, maybe next game we go to we could catch up or happy to meet on a saturday and discuss football in a pub over Sky Soccer Saturday. Not sure there are any games that I can make in the near future. Where abouts are you ?
    Not really in touch with many on GPG, got a couple of friends I meet up with now and again, but generally go on own.
    Down to Twickenham next saturday for Rugby, if only bees match kicked off at 12.00, would have been perfect. On a corporate bash, otherwise might have just squeezed the bees game in.

    Anywhere between Cheadle hulme, Poynton, Macc fine by me.


    Hi other cheshire bee !!!

    I'm in cheadle hulme, on a bit of a health kick and went out cycling sunday morning a couple of sundays ago, went down A34 through Alderley Edge down to set of traffic lights that I cant remember the name of the road, but heads into Macc, was all up hill, turned out at Prestbury and saw some fantastic houses, but ****ing killed me going up them hills.
    2.5 hrs later got home wishing that I turned left back home on A34 at Alderley Edge instead.

    Been out of London since 1992, first game in 1978 ish with Bees beating Southend 2-0 with Steve Philips and Gordon Sweetzer scoring from very vague memory, but was only about 10 years old.

    Whats your story ?

    Cheshire bee....
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