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    Bees 2 (Toney (p), Emiliano) Swansea 0

    So as the Premier League 2021/2022 table currently stands we are third behind Arsenal and Aston Villa. :)
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    Super Bees v Bolton...updates....

    We just need to score another seven to go 12th on goal difference now :)
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    Super Bees v Bolton...updates....

    "Brentford well on top" according to Sky Sports News.
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    Champagne moment vs Birmingham City

    When Moses came on and his name was announced, the Brum fans sung "who the ******* he'll are you?” . I think they might remember his name next time! It could have been coincidence and they weren't singing at him, but the irony of it made me chuckle.
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    Goal Celebration

    Thought Charlie came across very well on Talksport. Evidently Marvin Williams is Ian Wright's cousin too!
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    Huw Wigley - Virgin Radio

    It was definitely huw/hugh who said he was the commercial manager at Brentford.
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    Jay Lovett...

    And according to a bloke at work who's a Walton and Hersham fan, they signed Gus as a striker!
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    Telegraph Fantasy Football

    Yeah it's probably not best to go with my choice of strikers! Last year I started with Viduka/Anelka/Van Nistelrooy, then went through Wiltord/Anelka/Van Nistelrooy, Robbie Keane/Anelka/Henry, Van Nistelrooy/Anelka/Henry and ended up by selling all my defenders of any worth so I could have Van...
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    Telegraph Fantasy Football

    I'll be doing the Telegraph Fantasy Football again this year, although I'm a bit hit and miss with my success so I'm not sure I should give any advice! One year I did really well with a team where I bought cheap defenders that would never play and therefore never lose you any points (nor gain...
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    All Time Favourite Player

    Sir Robert Taylor, but then everyone always picks strikers so I'll go for the twiddle master - Denny Mundee!
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