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  • Can I take Gee Bee's place, or add to your conversation with him re parking?

    I drive to GP from Herts which means I arrive from a different direction than you. However, I invariably park north of the GWRd in the area round Enfield Road. It does have a residents parking scheme, but non residents are able to park within the designated areas at weekends. Also there are some single yellows, which, very usefully, also allow us invaders to park on Saturday match days legally.

    I would suggest however that you need to be in the area by 2pm if you want just a 10 minute walk! However, the same hours seem to operate quite a way north, probably until you are in LB Ealing rather than Hounslow. To walk to GP means going over the footbridge near Brook Road.

    For midweek evening matches, I'm normally parked along Windmill Road (?), West of GP, where the single yellow allows parking after 1830.

    Hope this helps.


    Jeff (hatfieldbee)
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