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    What Football Grounds have you played at?

    Griffin Park Hounslow Town, Denbigh Road
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    Hardest player in each position

    How about Terry Bullivant in midfield,seemed to put it about a bit. I remember him getting sent off within minutes of the 1st game of the season at GP back in the 80's, not sure who we were playing though.
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    Peterborough 1992 Video

    Same here, plus one other, I think it was the guy in the blue Rangers top on the video, remember talking to Phil Holder and Neil Smillie, At the time I knew Chris Sparks. A local lad who was on Brentford's books who got us in. In truth I was a bit awestruck and very drunk .
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    Peterborough 1992 Video

    What a great day I remember getting an early train up to Peterborough and going to the pub nearest to the train station, It had just opened, at first there were only a handful of us in there within the hour it was packed, flags up in every window. The landlord was trying to ring round to get...
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    FA Cup Stoke (H) Sat 3pm (4th Rd Draw is Mon 19:35)

    Spurs away, new stadium to visit.
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    Brentford In Colour (twitter)

    There's a ghost in the window looking out .
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    Your First Bees Idol

    David Crown
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    Steve Sidwell (Retired)

    Chris Hargreaves
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    Aerial views of Griffin Park

    They are the old gasworks. Now waterman park
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    Glasgow Rangers v Brentford B - Provisionally March 14 2018

    Only £13 return on the train for me, may consider this one.
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    Peter Gilham - Get Well Soon

    Get well soon PG.
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    Jack Bonham - Leaves Brentford

    It's the place to be.
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    Fulham Player Of the Year

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