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  • Hej Bjørn, fantastisk sejr iaften, tror nu virkeligt på det...prøver alt hvad jeg kan, men svært grundet et kursus i københavn om mandag, så vi får at se...skal du med ??
    Hei Brian,
    Hvis du er i England, så sees vi kanskje på the Griffin før eller etter kampen lørdag 17. januar? Jeg kommer over. Gleder meg, det lovende ut med tanke på opprykk i år!!Du kan eventuelt sende textmelding til meg på + 47 92609455.
    Beste hilsener, Bjørn A (Bergen Bee)
    Keith, no mate, it never happened, due to many things, but you can always dream...it's getting difficult as my girlfriend have given birth to a little boy, so I'm pleased and it seem I just have to take trips over...Take care, give my regards to my fellow Scandinavian and all the very best to you..Brian
    Hiya Brian, Yeah I'm fine mate thanks. Just wrapping Christmas presents whilst listening to some music and the mad dog is wagging her tail after something she can see !!
    Yeah, that's Lauren ;-) How are you ? Did you move over to Blighty (England) in the end ? Sven from the SweBees is over for the game tomorrow. If you wanna meet up give us a shout 0777 3000 238. We are in the Griffin Pub before the game, exchanging moose meat and fanzines !! Good to hear from you mate and Up the Bees, Keith.
    Hi Brian, how are you doing?. Are you lving in the UK yet?. Bees are doing well this season eh, hope we can carry on the good work and go up. It will be hard tho :)
    Da har jeg akseptert. Bor du i England nå? Jeg regner med å komme over til kampen 17. januar, neppe før det.
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