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    Patrik Gunnarsson - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Personally think this means that: Either Balcombe is getting promoted and Gunnarsson new 1st choice GK for B. With Balcombe playing 2nd to Bentley. Or Bentley is off and they are hoping Balcombe is ready to be our 1st Choice GK with Daniels/Bonham remaining on the bench.
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    The Club Shop

    That’s why I thought when I saw the ‘Pre Jacket’ open to new ideas but grey and orange isn’t too appealing to me.
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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    Played really well again. Hold up was great and you can see his confidence is growing. Won a few headers aswell. Was a real handful for their back 4.
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    FT: Bees 1 (Maupay) Cardiff City 3

    Said this myself to people around me. Cardiff will most likely be down in the Championship again next year. They weren’t really anything special I didn’t think, but Warnock knows how to get the best out of teams in this division. In the premier league? I’m not so sure.
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    FT: Bees 1 (Maupay) Cardiff City 3

    Showed tonight how far away we are from top 6. Unfortunately until we learn to play against these sort of teams we will never go up. But we did play some amazing stuff at times and I’d rather watch us than them all day long. Let’s hope we can go on a little run like we normally do around this...
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    FT: Millwall 1 - 0 Bees

    I wasn’t disappointed with the performance at all we played fantastically we just didn’t score. The point I’m trying to make is that I went to watch a game of football and it was pretty hard to concentrate on the match when me and my brother were stuck in the middle of two people trying to have...
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    FT: Millwall 1 - 0 Bees

    Didn’t really merit that reaction. Sorry that some our own fans ruined my matchday experience and I was upset about it?
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    FT: Millwall 1 - 0 Bees

    Should have won really but oh well. Millwall were pretty poor as I expected them to be. Just couldn’t put the ball in the net. Oh well next year will be Brentford’s year I’m sure. Just going to enjoy the rest of the season. But on a sour note definitely not going to go to Millwall again not a...
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    Kamo Mokotjo - Released

    I’m thinking of the ‘never gives the ball away’ one. Only one that fits his name. Although if I’m not mistaken we have that one for Josh McEachran?
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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    Thought he played very well. Worked extremely hard and put together some good moves. There is a lot of promise from that performance.
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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Awful challenge no excuses, easy red card for the ref to give. Sometimes his passion and enthusiasm gets the better of him.
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    Lasse Vibe - Signed for Changchun Yatai FC.

    Can be the only reason he’d consider leaving surely. However this must put a massive damper on his world cup hopes as I imagine he’d have got a spot if he scored around 20 odd goals for us?
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    January Transfer Window 2018 Rumours

    According to a journalist in Ireland, Cheodozie Ogbene is having a medical at us tonight and will sign tomorrow. Imagine he’s a B team signing but he is now 20 years old so may perhaps become a first teamer quite soon.
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    Yoann Barbet - Leaves Brentford

    I don’t think so. Perhaps they put a bid in but I cannot see us selling him with the decent form he’s in and also the lack of defensive cover at the moment.
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    January Transfer Window 2018 Rumours

    I’ve talked about Jack to a number of people and have posted on this thread I think. He’s definitely the type we’d go for, young, hungry and also lots of potential. However like Les has said it’s a worry that bigger clubs bids could make him unaffordable to us . But I suppose if somehow he could...
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