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  • Survival rate if somebody is placed onto a ventilator in an ‘induced’ coma is around the 50% mark. I think what is being observed is that people can initially look quite well and then quickly deteriorate and need ventilator support which is puzzling the Intensive care specialists.
    I am a doctor working in a public hospital in Oz. In our area so far we haven’t seen too many cases but it’s what we are being fed back from the bigger city hospitals and UK/US. But remember that 80% cases are classified as mild disease where people are just staying at home till they feel better.
    Stay safe mate 👍
    I'm hoping to get a call next week. I want to get a second for a Friend in my Family and Friend whose had a season ticket for about 6 years but does a few away games

    I’ve only got 6 years as a Season ticket holder although in my 50th season but been told that so far they haven’t sold many. I’m sure you’ll be contacted soon and sure you’ll get dug out seats.

    Good luck

    Sonofabee (Sean)
    Interesting, lets see what happens. Thanks for the info mate. Take care see you soon.
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