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    Álvaro Fernández

    "Relegation battle" lol people really have lost the plot
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Where did I say he was faultless? Clearly fault is split between the pair of them, but for me it's Norgaard who shows for it and is too casual in trotting back towards goal and gets caught in possession. And I think Norgaard's body language after conceding shows the truth. The difference is...
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    Ivan Toney

    That's several poor games in a row from Ivan, and let's face it, if we had anyone to give him competition he would have been dropped on current form. Right now he's enduring his toughest run as a Brentford player.
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    Álvaro Fernández

    See what I mean. 1st goal Ajer completely lost, 2nd goal Pinnock misses header, 3rd goal Norgaard gets caught in possession – Christian's reaction tells you everything you need to know about who is at fault there. But people are straight on at Fernández. The goalkeeper who has saved 2 one on...
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    Álvaro Fernández

    If the defence is dodgy, why single out Fernandez? He may well not be up to the task (the jury is out) but the fact is we've been conceding goals and losing games is due to the many defensive errors the outfield players have made. Frank was right to stick with him.
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Listening to the Square Ball... they clearly just hate the fact that tiny little Brentford gets mentioned in the same breath as massive mighty Leeds. They especially seem to hate Thomas Frank, and one of the reasons mentioned was him using a whiteboard. Yes, let that sink in... the supporters...
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    Fulhamification Part III

    Think the key word there is "spontaneously"
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    Fulhamification Part III

    They definitely played Hey Jude after the Chelsea defeat. Personally, I think it's a bit much to do Hey Jude before AND after the game. Before is great, gets everyone singing along, but to do it immediately on the final whistle just feels a bit like we're overdosing on it.
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    Tickets Tottenham (A)

    I've got more than enough TAPs for this, but can't see this anywhere officially. Are these tickets being released by stealth??
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    Thomas Frank

    Liked his interview on MOTD2. Interviewer: "Your substitute worked out well" Thomas: "Yes, of course, because I'm a genius......... no, sometimes you have a lucky hand"
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    An Important Ticket Update email

    Thank you for everyone who answered my question – I should have read the email more closely (although in fairness it was very long!)
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    An Important Ticket Update email

    I go with my dad, is there anything stopping me or him physically giving our season ticket to a friend (if we can't go for any reason)? Or is that now frowned upon.
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    Red Card of the weekend

    He doesn't actually strike the player though... so could he possibly argue that he wasn't even attempting to strike the player, but to free his legs from the other player's grip? Obviously a hard one to argue in the heat of the moment, but on the replay it's clear his leg is being yanked by the...
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    Dominic Thompson

    He was up against officially the worst professional team in the league, but he looked pretty good, especially going forward. Perhaps people have written him off too early. Might be heresy to say this, but his crossing always looks slightly better than Rico's. Obviously his all round game is...
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    Are the Club Taking Fans for Granted?

    Largely depends on whether they keep playing "Celebration" after a win :fishing:
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