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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    We weren't that bad Mazz - it was only 36-0. And the 35th was miles offside. To be fair we were 12 and 13 years old and someone had mistakenly entered us into the Middlesex Under 16 cup.
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    Brentford FC | 21 Feb 2009 - Rochdale - Away |
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    Middlesex Senior Cup 2021-22

    Also throws up some added value in playing under lights which a 1.00 kick off v Chelsea u23 at Cobham doesn't, tricky pitches (not all the squad will go on premiership careers and play on carpets every week) and in some of the cases a reasonable crowd. I know the players quite enjoyed the noise...
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    Middlesex Senior Cup 2021-22

    The B team analysts ask for the average age of the opposition and factor that into their performance data. When they played the Fish our average age wasn't a lot lower than the Bees and was inflated by two older players. They took all the individual ages so I'd imagine broke it down defence...
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    South Asian - Indian heritage players.

    Neil Taylor, Danny Batth, Yan Dhanda
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    Mickey Bennett

    Mickey has now completed his doctorate of education, so is Dr Michael Bennett now and still director of player welfare at the PFA. How many ex Bees have doctorates I wonder?
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    Southend United in financial difficulties

    Chairman may have other more pressing matters than the stadium as he was in court yesterday charged with fraud and failing to pay tax of over £5m. Martin in Court
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    The start of it here
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    Hope someone was at Chertsey v Bracknell tonight... abandoned with five to go with two reds for Cherstey as a result of final incident 🍿🥊
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    Leatherhead FC

    With some more new signings playing -some of them curious. The winger first half has been playing step 5 - deemed not ready to play at Fisher so sent on loan to Sporting Bengal in Essex Senior were he was watched in a 9-2 defeat midweek and promptly signed! The substitute centre back is also a...
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    London Senior Cup 2021/22

    Indeed - he can buy his own fanzines back from our programme stall! Badshot are bringing a coach full so should be good atmosphere but won't rival last night. We lost 1-0 to Raynes Park from your league in FA Cup so we know it will be a tough one.
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    London Senior Cup 2021/22

    Thank you to all the Bees that travelled. The 425 attendance was a new ground record for us and also the highest since we reformed as a fans run club. Great to see some old faces from my years at GP. From our point of view we were thrilled to keep the game competitive even if we didnt see huge...
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    London Senior Cup 2021/22

    Straight to pens
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    You beat me back Lionheart! You're right we will need to play better Tuesday to keep it respectable. Penalty and red card on stroke of half time didnt help us though - if we'd gone in at half time 1-0 up with 11 men we might have got something from the game. Referee admitted to me after he...
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    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    We've not been Athletic for 12 years now! However, the old ground from the Athletic days is just 200 yards away from our current ground - pitch is now a park and there are houses on the old clubhouse and car park. Be great to see a few Bees at our 'new' ground, St Paul's, for the London...
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