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    RIP Fife Bee

    RIP Ian, condolences to you and your family Silly Hat
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    Josh Dasilva - Signs to June 2024

    Pray tell who are his midfield team mates who are not good enough, he has been distinctly average for a few games now, maybe carrying an injury, who knows
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    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    I was wondering whether we might look at playing him there as well, we going to have to pull something out of the hat to cover for Rico's injury
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    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Teams have been using the high press against us for the last 2 or 3 seasons, you make it sound like Barnsley were the first team to have stumbled across some magic formula. We have been playing, through, around and over it all season. We currently have injuries, look fatigued and that looks like...
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    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    It probably needs a change of formation, you need the right blend of players all on their game to play 4-3-3 successfully and now we appear to have lost Rico for god knows how many weeks we will probably see an enforced change in formation
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    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    Well you say that but what about Benrahma, his underlying problem wasn't identified until the superior PL medical team at West Ham got the mits on him :fishing:
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    Brian Riemer - Assistant Head Coach - signs to June 2023

    Agreed, based on what we see before us it is obvious, but I'd not personally heard that it was reinforced with a specific instruction from the owner. That's a bit different when you're approaching the sharp end of the season and it starts to become more tempting to hold onto what you've got in a...
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    Brian Riemer - Assistant Head Coach - signs to June 2023

    Its probably been mentioned on here before but I wasn't aware that MB dictated that they never try to defend a lead. Another reason why we score so many goals
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    Does anyone know when GP is Demolished

    Isn't the overall demolition supposed to be phased with retention of some of the Braemar Road buildings used for site offices and storage whilst the rest of the site is developed?
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    RIP Miriam Waterman

    Sorry to hear of your loss, RIP Miriam
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    Remember where you were the day the Bees went top.

    Well it might work, I still think Birdy 67 is going to have to consider self flagellation in the front garden at half time if its all turned to sh!t
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    Remember where you were the day the Bees went top.

    Lets all pray the football karma gods aren't watching
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    Team v Reading

    Ideally we would probably want to rest Dalsgaard on the basis that he doesn't seem to have 3 matches in a week left in him without an impact on performance. Maybe Roerslev will start and see whether Reid is ready to give the team 60mins, with Dalsgaard an option from the bench?
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    Winston Reid - Signs on loan to June 2021

    Royal Engineers? Always an assuring presence, great bridge builders :)
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    Final Score Middlesbrough 1 - 4 Bees (Toney(2), Janelt, Jensen)

    Fantastic win in really difficult conditions. I really don't get some of the GPG trolls that appear every time they think there's a sniff of one of their own players having made a mistake. Have a great night all
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