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    FT: Swindon 1 - 0 Bees

    preston are winning 4 1 at minute
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    GPG Player Sponsorship 09/10 Pledges

    I will sponser £15 if you let me know how to pay.
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    Check out

    Leicester Bee - I see that you are the only person that has gone and said thank you on the Beesotted board for the messages of support. I think it would be nice if a few other people did too. There are a few from Cambridge which I think is nice as there was a lot of grumpy banter after our...
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    The Real Deal!

    Goodbye and thank you.
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    A summary of events so far

    Scott that is - dont know how you do that quote thing - any way if Andy Scott hadn't been here this season we'd be down with Oxford this season. And if he has been visiting this board today I hope he has had a good time realising how much his efforts have been appreciated and how 'sad'(I don't...
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    A summary of events so far

    He has done little on the pitch apart from being a very committed and versatile player, Oh well then - good riddance
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    Why are people talking about a merger?

    Emphatically No.
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