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    Things you miss about going to Brentford....

    Forgot one other thing, if I was there early and not in the Express or Black Dog and was standing outside the PR with pint in hand, I use to love watching the away teams coach trying to reverse into Braemar rd, sometimes they made a right pigs ear of it which I always loved
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    Things you miss about going to Brentford....

    Up until recently I've generally been ok with it as I've been working weekends but now that is temporarily over and I've had more time to myself I am missing it big time. Getting up early, putting on my Bee's polo shirt, driving to Colchester train station, meeting other fans travelling to there...
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    Ollie Watkins -Signed for Aston Villa

    Ollie deserves a shot at the PL, what a brilliant signing he has been for us
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    I'm down at the moment, very down, surprised to be honest as I thought I would be able to handle it better after so many finals and disappointments but feel sh*te today. Having said that I also always try to look at the big picture and as a club we are in a great place, we have just been one...
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    I reckon without a doubt we do that, also agents putting it around to gain interest in there younger players
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    Things other fans say about Brentford FC

    Sorry about this but I like Leeds, got a couple of Leeds mates here in Brightlingsea and they love the Bee's, really want us to go up. Also no matter how you feel about them you can't say there fans have not stuck by them over a very long lean period, every team have there dickheads look at some...
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    We never fail to fail

    I care but I no longer get upset or angry I just enjoy the ride and remind myself how lucky we are MB came along to give us an amazing ten years, something I never saw coming I honestly had given up on Brentford ever doing anything other than just surviving and bouncing along in the lower...
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    Worst 3 Bees moments

    Bristol City 93 trotta was bad but that afternoon in Bristol was a slow slow death
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    Matt Murray on Norwich v Burnley is an excellent pundit on
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    What are our Chances now?

    It may not happen this season but it will, with MB's leadership I honestly believe it's when not if, look where we were ten years ago
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    Favourite Away fans at GP

    Leeds have always been decent, 30 years ago I hated Bristol City fans but since the championship they are a good lot, agree with others re Wednesday, always a good bunch. Always had bad experience with Brum home and away.
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    Whose result do you look for and why?

    I was in Edzell a beautiful little place, really miss it, if everything had not gone belly up with all this CV I was hoping to get up there for Brechins play off to stay in the league v either the highland or lowland league winners. Went to all four Angus teams during my time up there, the...
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    Whose result do you look for and why?

    Brightlingsea Regent 5 mins walk from my front door and watch them whenever I get the chance Brechin City watched a lot of there home games and the occassional away over the seven years I lived in a nearby village Both are bottom of their respective divisions with Brechin looking like they are...
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    Most hostile away ground

    Blackpool early / mid 80s Easter game, feckers ambushed us on the way to the station, always disliked them ever since, remember beating them 5-0 at GP many years later to send them down and loved every minute of it, still don't like em
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