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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    That doesn't really explain why the two SFs can't both be on the Wednesday. If they are televised by Sky or whoever they could have been on separate channels. I suppose the real reason is that the advertisers wouldn't get two bites at the cherry in that case.
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    TAPs: The 6k Club

    Don't think I've done 20 Nick (I have sometime swerved it deliberately I must admit).... there have been a mix of mainly bad, but also some good trips to that place. 1970/71 and a 5-1 defeat... 1990/91 in the cup (both bad)... but then a surprise Tuesday night win (Scott Fitzgerald 2) in 2005...
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    TAPs: The 6k Club

    Great stuff John, but as you said the other day, a lot of your trips involved 'pay at the gate' even after the introduction of loyalty points. I'm on 6797 since Tuesday night but as I know I've missed a couple of away games in each of the past few seasons, I reckon there must be some people who...
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    Ivan Toney

    Happy to oblige (see attachment)....hope you can view it OK. We were in the White Horse in Brentford. Also there that day, Len Bond ... and a young Ian Botham who I think was mates with Len due to the West Country connection. I asked Andy to sign the back of the photo, then at a later date...
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    Ivan Toney

    Re Andy Mac, I've got two pics of him on the wall...and the missus doesn't mind. The big canvas one with the champagne bottle is in the spare room and the small one he autographed for me on day we beat Darlington to go up (22 Apr 78) in the bedroom.😍
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    TAPs: The 6k Club

    6767 here. But there are a few ahead of me I'm sure.
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    Getting our season tickets before the Leeds game

    We finally got our STs today, after no post in our immediate area for 6 days (and the postlady who delivered confirmed it ...she normally works in a completely different neighbourhood and had been drafted in). There are serious problems with Royal Mail staffing so I understand that...
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    Peter Gelson - Brentford FC - RIP

    Oh that is such sad news. Peter was a fixture in the team for the first ten years I went to watch the Bees. Got his autograph on numerous occasions as a kid, he was always happy to chat to fans. I loved that great no-nonsense Shoot photo too, it went straight into my press cuttings scrapbook...
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    Newcastle League Cup QF Reports and Reactions

    Pure passion! I love "It's boiling my piss, man!" around 8:33
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    League Cup QF Newcastle (H) Dec 22nd 5:30pm KO

    The day after nine eleven
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    Roy Woolsey RIP

    That is very sad news. Remember him as Bernie's buddy of course but before that on the supporters' coach to away games in the 1969-1972 period. Smashing chap. RIP Roy
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    Match day programmes from Curtis Sport

    Couple of slip-ups on p19 too. Four years in the top tier? Five surely.... And the four tiers are labelled top, second, third... then third again. Thought someone might have spotted those. Perhaps in 'non-viral' times, with less restrictive access to GP for fans, they could have asked for a...
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    The Odious Martin Samuel

    The guy is a bit of an enigma to me. Back when he wrote for The Times I used to enjoy his reporting and missed it when he moved elsewhere. But then, as one who gives the Mail a wide berth, I only read about his Brentford/Moneyball comments after hearing about it from the GPG and I was...
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    Alex Dawson - Brentford FC - RIP

    R.I.P. Alex Dawson. One of my all-time favourite Bees players, despite the fact he only played 11 games (incl FA Cup). It was like adding a battering-ram to the forward line. I well remember being down behind the goal for the last-gasp winner vs Gillingham. Couldn't understand at the time why...
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    Freebie Bees Facemasks

    Very happy with my blue one, extremely comfy. Glasses get a bit steamed up but unfortunately they always do if you wear them properly.
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