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    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    Has to be Andy Mac
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    Bees 0 - 0 Millwall

    Correct. That’s exactly what most of the management team would probably say. Obviously genough for some. No doubt all the stats are going in the right direction justifying the “tactics” that never seems to be adjusting to overcome the opposition. Yet, somehow we could, probably should, be 2nd in...
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    Souvenirs from Griffin Park

    Great call - believe Hanworth Villa need to introduce a second seated area to meet upgraded ground regulations.
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    Chelsea v Bees Reports and Reactions

    Absolutely agree and look forward to us winning and playing well again. In the meantime I dont think Dean Smith will need to rush out for the Andrex any time just yet. However, it seems more likely that his head rather than his hands will be up his arse but it I'm willing to wait on the...
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    Champagne moment V Brighton (FA Cup)

    The stats will show we dominated , but again we have lost - so we will have to learn from that. Perhaps a proven goal scorer rather than interest in yet another midfield player could be the first lesson. I believe certain teams have sussed us out and at times we need a plan B. I respect your...
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    Champagne moment V Brighton (FA Cup)

    With utmost respect to WP I think his response went some way in agreeing with your opinion. Quote Ipswich did a job on us - didnt let us settle - they had a game plan and it worked Unquote. This was no surprise to me after seeing Ian Evans watchi us play several matches before they arrived at...
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    Champagne moment V Brighton (FA Cup)

    Quite correct WP, Errors at the back - not clinical up front. Time we looked at signing another midfield player ! - although I dont believe 60%+ possesion ever won a match. I think WB has a legitimate opinion.
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    Arsene Wenger

    Sorry - I did not zee it !. What happened.
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    Phil Taylor

    Nope - he is Markybee in slight disguise. It's been a ploy for 16 years - Burridge Wholesale provide the Trophy so Phil "The Power" Burridge has to win. Bit like golf trophies really - :)
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    GPG FC Auction Item. - Kevin O'Connors 499th appearance shirt

    I think you have confused sponsorship with ownership Marky :) Will the 500th shirt not be home kit ?.
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    Champagne moment V Walsall (including flare/supporter argument)

    Mr nocoat - I have now watched the goals round up several times but at no time can nocoat minor be seen singing. Please resolve this matter as a matter of urgency or limit his attendance in future. :)
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    So, who do you want next as manager of Brentford FC?

    Ray Wilkins would be interested - I believe GP/Jersey Rd are both on direct bus routes from his home.
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    Paul Hayes.

    Great idea Smiffy - I'll start it off. Manager gets on players back big time during training. Player gets totally #ucked off and gives some back. Fistycuffs ensue, although player held back so his swings miss. Over to you Greenholme. ?
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    Bees 5 v 0 Staines Match Reports & Reactions

    It's all about opinions Greenham. In mine: I don't recall Nugent having to make a tackle - thankfully. He won headers without any pressure from a Staines player- most of which looped upwards rather than to a player or forward. As reported by others his distribution/passing was woeful - unless...
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    Paul Hayes.

    Cue BeeH. !.
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