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    Who's improved and who's regressed?

    Arsenal obviously think he is top 5 or 6. I get your point, but my view isn't based of 4 PL games. I know you can't really judge based on Championship attackers but my view is that aside of the top 4, he's pretty much on a par with the next level of keepers.
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    Who's improved and who's regressed?

    I'd throw Raya in the mix. Blackburn fans weren't exactly distraught to see him go, and a few here questioned whether he was an upgrade on Bentley. I'd say he's now one of the top 5 or 6 keepers in the EPL. Top, top keeper.
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    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    Which is interesting 'cos I think giffgaff runs on o2. I have tesco which also uses o2 and I wonder if o2 prioritise o2 customers over other 'white labelled' serviced they provide.
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    The Club Shop

    Time for a Bourne mouthful?
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    Sergi Canós

    Agree. His affiliation with the club and the supporters is in the same frame as KOC and Sam Saunders in my view.
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    "Celebration" - The End?

    Exactly. This and slowly making my way up the steps of New Road with my old Dad, all those years ago. Although too often to the tune of 'the way it is' by Bruce Hornsby. I vote keep, but accept that sometimes you have to break it to make it and the club is ambitious and wants to evolve.
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    Rumour Hugo Siquet (Standard Liège RB)

    This feels like a Brentford type signing. If he's good enough, he's old enough. Plus future potential into the bargain.
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    Unlikely Jens Cajuste (FCM MF)

    So bored of this one now.
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    I'd say we have a range of targets. Just depends where an 'opportunity' arises. If it does, we'll deal. We won't deal for the sake of it.
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    Villa (A) Preview + Predictions

    I'm saying 1 each. Another decent point on the road 👌
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    Entry Issues at Forest Green Rovers Match

    That's how it's done ladies and gents 👏
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    My Dad.

    Hope all went well. Tough day. I bet you did him proud.
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    Parking ST for BCS - Lionel Primary School

    Thanks Ian, perfect. Appreciate the advice.
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    Parking ST for BCS - Lionel Primary School

    So, my plan was to park where I have for a long time, Darwin Road, Carlyle Road, Whitestile Road Enfield Road or surrounding area. Many of those roads seem to only have RPZ restrictions one hour mid morning and one hour mid afternoon to deter all day commuter parking. Do I now run the risk of...
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    Survival Progress League

    I do think if we win 10 games this season we're safe as the draws will look after themselves. 1 win down. 9 to go from remaining 36 games.
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