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  • Hi Geoff,

    I have heard you commentate before and don't worry I do not think your awful! It was just a light hearted comment on the updates thread after you got very excited about a chance when you had just come on but I couldn't understand what was going on, no malice involved. Your enthusiasm is fantastic and I'd much prefer to listen you over those muppets on Sky! Sorry if I caused any offence.

    Thanks, Julian.
    Glad you listen, when you can!
    You may have read that I tend to get a bit carried away, but, hey, we are all Brentford fans and I feel it is good to have a bit of atmosphere and excitement-especially if we score!
    Yes, the Leeds game should be a cracker...
    Fingers crossed for Friday.
    Up the Bees,
    Morning Geoff.

    I do try and listen to Bees Player when I can, not this Friday as I should be at work, but I listen in on Saturdays. I'm trying to get to a fgame or two before Christmas, including the Leeds game, what a racker that's going to be.

    Hi Geoff

    Glad you enjoy what I post, it's nice to be appreciated.

    My name is Julian Mann I used to travel to away games firstly on The Pat Brown Express and then with Steve Hearne and Phil Gosden, who used to run the programme shop.

    I don't get to as many games as I'd like these days, which wasn't much of a problem over the last couple of years but now things are on the up I do miss games at GP and when I dod go I want to go again but family committments dictate otherwise.

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