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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    That's Silly Hats, I was at the other end of the stand but I fair enjoyed seeing it after the second goal.
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    There's some Fife contingent at Brentford games nowadays!
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    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    Due to Covid, and then work sending me away for a bit, yesterday was my first Brentford game and first football game since a 2-2 draw at Cardiff. And f***ing hell it was magical.
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    Team vs Wolves (A)

    Has anyone had there ticket s sent out?
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    EFL Cup Forest Green (H) Tue Aug 24th

    Frank out. Too soon?
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    Final Score Bees 2 (Canos, Norgaard) Arsenal 0

    Segregation? Watching it on TV was incredible, I can't beleive that Brentford are playing in the Premier! was pretty confident from when we scored, the atmosphere came across as incredible, very jealus of those that got to the game!
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    Team v Valencia

    I might be chatting sh*t, but I thought the ball came backwards so it couldn't be offside?
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    FT: Man Utd 2 - 2 Brentford (Baptiste, Mbeumo)

    The strength in depth of Uniteds squad is something.
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    Wiki *** 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships ***

    Ah that's a shame. Fwiw the problem of buying tickets just to accrue points is a problem with Scotland games aswell, it's called Harvesting and it's v annoying.
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    Wiki *** 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships ***

    Apologies if it's a common question! The only other experience I have of such a system is the Scotland supporters club, and on that it'd tell you how you accrued your points etc. I presume we can't do that?
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    Wiki *** 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships ***

    Is there a way to check your history of taps? As in what games have been added etc.
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    Reece Cole (Dunfermline Athletic)

    Reece Cole signs for Dunfermline! He's had some amount of decent free kicks.
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    SIGNED Kristoffer Ajer (Celtic CB)

    Describing Ajer as the next Van Dijk is a bit off. Watched both in there time at Celtic and Van Dijk was an absolute rolls Royce of a defender, calm, smooth, incredible physique. Ajer isn't at that level tbh. Surprised to read all this talk about him being a defensive mid aswell, he's always...
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