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    Brentford vs The World Famous Liverpool Champagne Moments

    I was with my daughter celebrating her birthday in quite a posh Leeds restaurant. I didn't dare check my phone for the score until near the end and saw that we were losing 3-2. I didn't realise she was also checking hers which was a little ahead of mine. The look on her face as we equalised...
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    Not nervous are you....

    Hoping for a clean sheet and have dropped Allison for David Raya on FPL. Come on the Griffin Park Giants. You can beat the Scouse Imps.
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    Membership and TAPS

    Is it possible to upgrade a pensioner's concession ST seat to an adult ticket for the occasional match? I live in W Yorkshire and can't get to many games. My son-in-law, an AC Milan supporter, has moved to Chiswick and now also supports the Bees. He is a club member but on only 50 Taps and...
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    Membership and TAPS

    With 2.350 Taps and a season ticket, I've just managed to get my first away ticket, to Burnley. By the way, how long does it take to receive the Taps on an away ticket purchase? I've bought 3 memberships for my family and my son has 950 Taps and we've registered for some of the away games but...
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    Liverpool (H) Preview + Predictions

    1 nil to the SuperBees. I.T. with the winner of course.
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    Betting sites on football shirts

    but at least a step in the right direction.
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    Our Stewards Shut Down All Protest by Oldham Fans

    Hopefully, the 7 nil thrashing and the injustice of what happened will have helped to stoke the fires of Oldham's owner's demise and a better future for OAFC. My previous next door neighbour was an Oldham fan when our positions in the FL were reversed, and he was a very decent guy and...
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    EFL Cup R4 : Stoke(A) Weds Oct 27th 19:45

    How many Taps for flying home from Cyprus on holiday for this one. At least I should be able to get a couple of tickets for my son and daughter.
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    So am I. What's all this about?
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    Membership pack

    Received mine today along with my daughter's. No mystery child gift with hers, but she is going to be 34 on Thursday.
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    Wolves vs Brentford Top, Top Champagne Moment

    I think we also have the player who hit the woodwork the most (three times). So glad he scored. Is Canos still the PL player with the most successful tackles?
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    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    We've made our mark now on the PL when we get comments like that. The defence is magnificent, but T and M look dangerous every time in attack. Norgaard supreme. The only player that didn't have too much to do was Raya but played a great 11th outfield role and 10th in the second half. What a...
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    Team vs Wolves (A)

    The tank might be a bit below par so maybe start Baptiste/Janelt and FTT to come on as sub.
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    Vitaly Janelt

    Hansi Flick must be a dab hand at Subbuteo.
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