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  • Part 2
    They are very proud nation, and are nationalistic; the Danish flags coming out at any excuse!
    If there is something on TV he does not want to miss, it might be worth installing a VPN on his pc, so he can access BBC/ITV etc.
    We had a 1 metre dish at our house, and I took my Skybox over: saw the Bees twice on TV there! Later replaced by a FreeSat box, as Gitte did not want to lose her British TV there: she much prefers it!
    Rather than bore you with all my details, perhaps if you have any questions that you would like to ask, I will answer as best I can.
    Just had 2 very long days in Portsmouth and Brighton, but a bit of respite today, as Gitte has taken the granddaughter into Horsham for shopping.
    Gitte takes her back to Denmark on Wednesday, and I will follow at a later date.
    I will be alone from wednesday afternoon onwards, so if you would like to you can call me. I can give you my land/mobile numbers, I can chat with you. Let me know anyway, it is not a problem.
    Hi, I think that your son will be fine. He will be in the number 2 city (we have a flat in No 3: Odense). As you know the people there are generally very friendly, and I have been involved there since 1982, and since 1990 have based myself there at times, commuting when working first with BA from whom I took early retirement in April 2004, and SITA who I started work with in Oct 2005. I had very flexible working hours in both, so commuting was easy.
    It is a similar culture to here, the humour is slightly different - not so much self-effacement there as with Londoners. We had a house in the countryside, which we sold earlier this year when I retired. On Fyn it is very quiet...people seem to disappear outside town from Saturday lunchtime to Monday morning!
    Food there (don't know about Aarhus) is quite bland, conservative and old-fashioned - but OK nevertheless.
    Continued in next message

    Regards, Pete
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